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  1. TrichromeFan

    Lead's Grow Diary

    I agree. Badass for some T5 action. -TF
  2. TrichromeFan

    Lead's Grow Diary

    Looking good there buddy. Looks like you finally got that cherry pheno that you were looking for! Those in coco I presume? I like the reflectix. How long you been running that? Your plants look great as well as the photos as usual, blah, blah, blah. What's new? Not much! Nothing less than...
  3. TrichromeFan

    Down time????

    Yup, same thing here. -TF
  4. TrichromeFan

    Shady's Moment of Clarity... Under Current: Cultured Solutions

    Alright Shady! Looks like drip to waste coco for the win! Your nugs are lookin' nice and frosty! -TF
  5. TrichromeFan

    Drain to Waste run-off question

    I use rockwool DTW. I pre soak wool before use at 5.5 for 1/2 hr. Water through with 1/2 strength nutes when you put the plant in the cube. Don't water till almost 100% dry. I start off at one feed every other day, then to once a day. After flip, and stacking on a slab, I water twice a day. I...
  6. TrichromeFan

    Old Man

    Good to see ya bouncin' back after the RA's. -TF
  7. TrichromeFan

    A1 Nutrients "All Natural" Products recieve Clean Green Certification

    Sick man! Looks like A1 is on the right path. Clean Green certified carries some real weight! Good going man. -TF
  8. TrichromeFan

    Rockwool and Jacks? TF Says why the hell not? Take II

    suspect, drip to waste all the way. I use dripper stakes, they never clog on me. Nutrient tank stays stable for a week. sd, room is 10 x 10 x 7 -TF
  9. TrichromeFan

    25 micron bag takes forever

    I personally don't use below 73 micron. Drains too slow, and the product is small and no good. -TF
  10. TrichromeFan

    Jacks 5-12-26 soluability problem, can you guess before Jr peters

    I get the bit of granular undissolved Jack's in the bottom of my rez. I use hot RO to mix in and still same thing. So far it hasn't hurt a thing. Plants are just happy. I wash the rez, and repeat. I also use Zone at a rate of 1-2ml per gal. It is the first thing in the mix. My batches are nice...
  11. TrichromeFan

    Buyer Beware! Green Brothers Hydroponics SNITCHES!!!

    That's fucked. Thanks for alerting the farm. -TF
  12. TrichromeFan


    Cap, I think that one unit for both rooms is a bad way to go. Summer heat will take cooling even in the dark cycle, and the one 5 ton AC would be maxed out at best. You don't want to be in mid cycle on both rooms and have the AC take a shit on you. Two units is the true solution. The unit cost...
  13. TrichromeFan

    Rockwool and Jacks? TF Says why the hell not? Take II

    Vogh, those are called top hat grommets. They are the best thing to happen to drip. Reusable indefinitely. Bulbs are Hortilux dual arc 1000's. ronvmpc, my nigga! Glad to hear that el chorizo grande is still in the groove. Thanks all. That run definitely showed me how simple I can make it...
  14. TrichromeFan

    Open carry gun law and exercising your rights

    I commend the gent for showing that it is possible to stand your legal ground with the cops who obviously arrest first, then figure your rights out if any, second. That took a lot of balls. -TF
  15. TrichromeFan

    NUG SHOTS...Triangle kush, the white, wifi, pphunk, true og.

    Not shabby at all my man. What's your fave? -TF
  16. TrichromeFan

    Rival79's Alien Nation!

    I thought I had some more info on the Eagle, but I was wrong.... -TF
  17. TrichromeFan

    Rival79's Alien Nation!

    Looking good there, Rival! Those sour pebbles look tasty. That beer mug of yours looks real sweet. I never saw a hot rod tiki before. Best I ever had was a hot rod nissan.... I say don't mess with the eagle20 too. Maybe something less toxic. Green cure maybe? -TF
  18. TrichromeFan

    Enjoy he Ride...

    Pretty deep man. Hard for a LA attitude to soak up 10% of that. Man I gotta get out of this place. Change is a comin... -TF
  19. TrichromeFan

    Where is the Leaf Diagnosis Thread there used to be here?

    You're right CaliforniaGrown, there was such a thread. I remember seeing a long while back that the thread was going to be re-vamped and transferred over. That was when the new site went up. I think it the most important thread for growers to have when trying to figure out what their plant is...
  20. TrichromeFan

    Watch out for this guy!

    I bet if you just put a plant in his back yard, they would know he is trouble, and they would put him away for a long time. Fucking judicial system. Harmless people are much easier to keep incarcerated. I was almost picked up by one of these sick fucks when I was just 7. I have very bad...
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