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  1. pura

    Csi Humboldt Autumn Drop Coming Soon

    Thanks logic when are these dropping
  2. pura

    What Is The Strongest Strain Csi Line Has

    Every strain is different for everyone my favorites are the bubbas girls and cornbread
  3. pura

    Triangle Kush X Urkle

    @jumpincactus going strong?
  4. pura

    CSI HUMBOLDT: grow log

    Watching those OFP....Great job @Power OG cant wait to what you do with them
  5. pura

    blazer's bunker!

    Awesome showing! Really enjoying the tk x urkle thanks for posting these....looking forward on a smoke report.... Great job :cigar::cigar:
  6. pura

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    Have any shots of the whole plant @blazer Have a few going would love to see her
  7. pura

    Triangle Kush X Urkle

    How are they looking @jumpincactus just laying mine down
  8. pura

    Triangle Kush X Urkle

    Great job @jumpincactus what gal pots are you going to flower them in?
  9. pura

    The Search for California Gold...Feminized Hybrids...Limited Edition Releases

    Any pics of your backwoods cut or tk x urkle @Nspecta ?
  10. pura

    Triangle Kush X Urkle

    Keeping an eye on this.. :rolleyes:
  11. pura

    hello from Divine Genetics

    Any new drops coming up @logic
  12. pura

    2015 Denver Cup

    Had an awesome weekend fellas... Fort Collins/ Denver didn't disappoint. Food was impressive....ate at Old Major and other superb dines, will be back! Met a lot of new friends and caught up with old... Added new genetics for the summer/fall 303 seeds, raskal, Topdawg... By the way the free dabs...
  13. pura

    2015 Denver Cup

    Where at @cannarado
  14. pura

    2015 Denver Cup

    I meant by CO pushing away potential new comers like myself... Not the industry.... I could careless about the free samples... I just hate seeing people disappointed all the time and funds raised by most out of staters that have good intentions... I'm not from CO so I'm sure I'm missing lot of...
  15. pura

    2015 Denver Cup

    What a shame makng a ten hour drive to get shut down Spent months of planning and saving..... Will there even be a smoke section anymore or will we get harassed about that? CO is fading quick.....
  16. pura

    Greenpoint Seeds April Drop 17 New Strains

    Good times!!
  17. pura

    CSI Humboldt's PK x Bubba ~ SD x Bubba ~ TK x Bubba

    Great job...looking forward on a flavor profile on these... :cool:
  18. pura

    2015 Denver Cup

    Thcfarmer booth? o_O
  19. pura

    Kosher Alienz X Monster Cookies, Gorilla Grape Gush X Monster Cookies

    Anyone running bubba x monster cookies?
  20. pura

    Greenpoint Seeds - Drop - Late 2014

    Nice to hear, not sure if gps got his cat piss from archive, looking for that real deal ammonia Stink I once had, I have some archive cat piss x face off I sort thru if all else fails...
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