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  1. tywon

    getting things going at a new spot going to be posting stuff again. I hope everyone is having a...

    getting things going at a new spot going to be posting stuff again. I hope everyone is having a great day!
  2. tywon

    Abominable Snowman and Foo Dog Getting a female touch !!

    never seen anyone grow a plant upside down..... very interesting. If I were you I would make sure im taking the shoots off and supercropping every 4-5 days to grow nice big healthy plants. now that I think about it ive never seen anyone use rockwool in a cloner before. Very impressive work...
  3. tywon

    May Drop

    One pack Abomidable Snowman Two packs Foo Dog Im all set, Good looking out Loompa Farms and Logic !!! Cheers
  4. tywon

    New drop from Divine Genetics tomorrow

    HA OG sounds fire !!!
  5. tywon

    1024 from Medical Seeds

  6. tywon

    White Urkle

    Thanks Man! :)
  7. tywon

    White Urkle

    what else was in the room?
  8. tywon

    White Urkle

    Thanks Bruv, I can't stop taking pics of her lol
  9. tywon

    Fruity Pebble OG

    They are no more:(
  10. tywon

    Im Back Everyone

    Yes Sir
  11. tywon

    OG Raskal seeds White Strawberry and Strawberry Fire Alien Kush

    they all looking super dank homie, awesome post!!
  12. tywon

    Dr. GreenThumb's Bubba OG........

    looking super fire, Ive ran his chem4. I loved it.
  13. tywon

    Star Dawg Keepers

    looking fire guys
  14. tywon

    StarTripper (Sensi Star x LBL) Tested by marks370z.

    Looking good :)
  15. tywon

    Connoisseur Genetics "The White" S1's Journal

    Looks great I can't wait to see her finished up:) Keep up the great work:)
  16. tywon

    SinMint Cookies Grow

    damn that sucks homie, looks like you did a great job with them tho
  17. tywon

    Colorado People

    I love it here, I don't think I'll ever leave:) Great story. Respect
  18. tywon

    concentrate porn thread

    Here's some bho pics for you guys, I hope you enjoy.
  19. tywon

    Scotts OG

    looking super dank homie
  20. tywon

    Who's in Colorado?

    Im down
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