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    new led/cfl grow-growing green

    HOw long till they are done? Are they able to give u the yield that of HPS? What about the desity of the flower - any different from that of HPS?
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    L.E.D grow mix strains

    any update?
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    Huge Strain Lineage List

    Yo anyone know the lineage of King Louis XXXVI?
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    OK, beans

    Is it auction still going on?
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    Hello from the YAY AREA

    Hello Friends, reppin 707 - the bay area. YEE!
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    (SFV X Ghost( X (X18 X DC) @auction

    how can i jump on this? Please let me get in on this
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    ordering seeds

    Still confused... I pay online how if not with a master/visa card???
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    TGA SnowDawg

    What's snowdawg a cross of?
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    tahoe og

    Swerve buddy ... you say you have Fire OG, Tahoe OG and True OG seeds? Is it possible to procure some from you? Also if I could get some pre 98 Bubba and Bubba U2 as well that'd be amazing. Does anyone know of a strain called Fucking Buddah?
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