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  1. Mr.Xagain

    Diy Uc Of Dank

    Your absolutely right on the majority of OG's. The kush however is derived from the kush mountain region wich is where all INDICA strains more or less originate from. I would say that the photo period is what determines the true genetic makeup of any particular strain. Once you go past 65/70...
  2. Mr.Xagain

    Diy Uc Of Dank

    WoW, bummer... thanks for the info bro. Im starting from seed so I'll be sure to veg properly. Im going to let them veg for 4 weeks top them and take clones from the lower branches that i would remove for lollipoping. The cuts will have ample time in veg because ill have at least 8 weeks to...
  3. Mr.Xagain

    New To The Crew

    Welcome to the farm bro. Theres a lot of extremely knowledgeable folks here and they dont hesitate to give advice and no questions are too small or too complex. Theres hvac technicians, electrical engineers N everything in between. The mods are cool and helpful as well. Only thing to steer away...
  4. Mr.Xagain

    Diy Uc Of Dank

    Hows the stretch on those ladies ? I got into it because of the win in the cup in 2014 or maybe 15, larry took best indica and wax, a couple of other categories aswell. Im interested in early flowering varieties that will knock you the fuck out... and my newest quest is the search for the...
  5. Mr.Xagain

    Diy Uc Of Dank

    Thank you very much, very informative. Contradicting though, the beanz i aquired say "THEY'RE" purple eclipse is a skywalker×urkle cross wich is indica dominant. They even go as far as stating that its an early finisher. 45 to 60 days early. The supposed breeder if it be SWERVE is a well...
  6. Mr.Xagain

    Is there any original strains left

    I recently aquired some PURPLE ECLIPSE and it claims to be a SKYWALKER OG × PURPLE URKLE cross. And i see here claims of it being a SUPER NOVA ×PURPLE PANTHER cross. What gives? Can anyone shed some light on the matter. Thanx 2 all...
  7. Mr.Xagain

    Diy Uc Of Dank

    Great set up power, totally subbed bro. Beautiful ladies, very well balanced, nice lush healthy. I just got my hands on PURPLE ECLIPSE beanz and would like to know about feeding preferences, humidity, plant structure, yield.... id really appreciate it. If mine look half as good as yours i will...
  8. Mr.Xagain

    Yo, check out the site i told you about. they have the 4x4 tent for $250. A 600W...

    Yo, check out the site i told you about. they have the 4x4 tent for $250. A 600W hps with ballast and reflector probably $400, i would say you can do it with $1000, $1500. That will include nutes , media and pots.
  9. Mr.Xagain

    4400 Watts 78 Plants What Yall Think

    Sounds great, keep up the good work bro and best of luck to you. PEACE.
  10. Mr.Xagain

    Mg Deficiency

    Eventhough your stems are purple and seem woody the leaves arent all that chlorotic. Petioles and stem seem like a mg deficiency. If your not in coco be careful that your not getting into a lockout situation. Because for the stems to be so shruby yet yer leaves arent as pale might be theyre...
  11. Mr.Xagain

    4400 Watts 78 Plants What Yall Think

    They look great, how much area are you covering with each 1k and what reflector is that. Daystar, radiant ?
  12. Mr.Xagain

    Finally Growing For The First Time (canna Coco)

    I would transfer to a larger pot. And get a bit more light if possible. Other than that, they look great man. Nice lush veg. Looks prime to top them and start training. Best of luck to you.
  13. Mr.Xagain

    Sealed Grow Room Unsealed Last 2 Weeks Of Flower

    1st priority other than keeping RH below 50% is mold, 2nd is ODORS !!! unless your somewhere where this is not an issue than open up. Co2 has been noticed to diminish aromas so that should be something to consider. My best advice is to keep things as they are, if you've gotten this far keep it...
  14. Mr.Xagain

    Lmao... luv the avatar. Nothing describes your real life scent better. You checked out my old...

    Lmao... luv the avatar. Nothing describes your real life scent better. You checked out my old grow diaries ?
  15. Mr.Xagain

    Cal Mag Feeding With Heavy16

    It all depends, are you growing in coco ? What stage of flowering are you in ? 1250, 1450 until week 4 is fine. Then id drop in increments till week 6. The strain and finishing time is a factor to consider aswell if your growing a 11 to 12 week strain you should adapt accordingly. Ps... remember...
  16. Mr.Xagain

    KlK mmgbito !!! La 80 n da house....

    KlK mmgbito !!! La 80 n da house....
  17. Mr.Xagain

    Spliff Busters-disproving Misconceptions

    It does, its like antibiotics. They kill both harmful and beneficial bacteria. However it doesnt hurt the cannabis plant its self. Rhizosphere apart I M O i dont think the amount in regular tap is sufficient to affect microbial life in the root zone. Thats just my humble opinion. I haven't...
  18. Mr.Xagain

    Finally Growing For The First Time (canna Coco)

    Over watering is practically impossible with coco, another great thing. What you do wanna maintain your tds/ppm's/ec low. GH is great, i use the flora series all through my grows. Use hygrozyme, if you can afford it switch to koolbloom liquid on when you flip gradually upping the ppm's, drop the...
  19. Mr.Xagain

    Im Goin In !!!!

    Yeah swerve would be correct, my friend sent me a link to an interview by High Times says the breeders a dude called malek. Im gonna look into it. I do know that they're LARRY OG placed in the indica category. Its skywalker og × Larry og kush. Im psyched... went with the purple eclipse just...
  20. Mr.Xagain

    Im Goin In !!!!

    Not completely sure, i was in N out. Im tryin 2 hit cali by the 20th. But this cut is the one that won the HT indica ,shatter and a couple of other awards. Dont quote me on wich event exactly it was. But it caught my attention. .. got 10 pax. Theres gotta be something in there ? LMAO! !!
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