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  1. forman

    A word to the wise for all those seed only growers

    I know this is nothing new, but it is very true. I am no expert, but after growing for quite some time now, I have come across a thing or two, so let’s just say I am an expert on what not to do. The one most important factor that has increased my potential for growing great weed was just by...
  2. forman

    I think I need a name. Any suggestions?

    Poison Banana kush Durban banana kush simple and to the point !
  3. forman

    Any fans of mothers finest from Sensi?

    I did one run. Huge yields of rock hard buds with less then mediocre potency. I had high hopes during the grow cause the plants looked great, lots of crystals with a piney frankincense perfume. I must be honest and say this was in '03 before I used a mini scope to check the development of...
  4. forman

    WTF - Help Me ID

    Thanks Dankworth Completely forgot Yes my leaves had a shine to them not on everyone but sporadically all over the plants
  5. forman

    WTF - Help Me ID

    THRIPS is my guess. Had the same symptoms a few months back and i couldnt locate or find any gnats or aphids but one day looking on the underside of a leaf i saw a yellow spot when i touched it, it squirmed away almost looked like it was hiding from me so look real close. I used monterey insect...
  6. forman

    Dr. greenthumb's Early Flowering Iranian Crosses REAL DEAL or Spammed Hype

    Been looking for a plant to grow outside this year and i am interested in the EFI crosses but I've searched several sites for info and there seems to be mixed opinions and the people who loved the stuff have been accused of being spammers and banned. I would appreciate any honest insight one...
  7. forman

    Name that strain! Win free seeds

    1- cheese melt 2- bubbaghani kush 3- bubbadawg #4 4- wipeout 5- the wild one good luck to all!!
  8. forman

    So Many Fake Ass Imposters! Watch'em

    Hey JG. Why don't you put together a guide by taking a picture of all your elite cuts maybe several all throughout the plants life so the "noobs" have a reference to look at, then maybe have a freindly debate on the legitimacy of their claims. I don't even know why I responded becuase this...
  9. forman

    Swerve's got Powder Mildew....New High Times

    I had poor results with the sfv kush bx2 but the cvk mom I found is absolute fire. Huge yielder of tight crystal covered buds that you can smell from down the street. Funny story I paid my 70 year old aunt to detail my car, and she got to my house before I woke up so she started cleaning, when I...
  10. forman

    Any good Bubba's?

    Cannabiogen - peyote purple motarebel- bubbayum or double koosh
  11. forman

    13Dawgz Hits Giddeon's MPB's

    Bump. Giddeon saw u were online
  12. forman

    13Dawgz Hits Giddeon's MPB's

    Wow that's a monster! I have two 13dawgs outside this year don't know how the dense buds will take to the weather but got my fingers crossed. I will be taking clones for inside once weather cools off. I couldn't find a smoke report on these, Giddeon have you smoked the final product or is this...
  13. forman

    Deep Purple ( Sub )

    Why don't you try dropping your temps to 55-60 for the last three weeks of flower and see what happens. I've had many non-purple strains turn colors this way. During the summer it might be difficult to achieve this without a great ac. I personally don't care what my color my herb is just as long...
  14. forman

    What really annoys you?

  15. forman

    am i the only farmer in pennsylvania

    What else can I do in amish country? Great to know the keystone state is representing!! Go phills!!
  16. forman

    HELP me name that Strain..........

    1- Damion's sour diesel 2- Bubba Lucifer 3- Satans White Kush 4- The Beast
  17. forman

    Are these useful mota?

    Why can't all breeders have give a description like that, sounds and looks killer MC. Sign me up!!!
  18. forman

    Reeferman's King Pure

    I put on a jacket today that I haven't worn in years and low an behold a 5 pack of king pure. I started the other 5 years ago but had to give away my garden, and the person I gave them to disappeared so I never saw the final product nor can I find any info on this strain which probly already...
  19. forman

    What plants hide marijuana well outdoors for backyard?

    Don't forget fake branches or even flowers that you can wrap around pot plant for disguise. Any arts and crafts like micheals sells this stuff. I really don't need myself but just incase a cropper goes over they will see colors that aren't just green.
  20. forman

    Newbs Suck

    Wow didn't know growing weed could be so stressfull! Everyone was a newb at some point or another. Don't help if it makes you loose sleep, enough said
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