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    Can I use bone/blood meal outside?

    I thought that blood meal deterred animals, maybe it's just if it's the blood of their own species. With a fence that is the same circumference of your hole, so that it goes down a foot or so then they aren't going to dig through that. They are both great organic fertilizers, if it's mixed...
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    LED lights

    I did come across a warning about ultra blue LED lights, they can damage the eye. High-energy visible light From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Blue-light hazard) Jump to: navigation, search In ophthalmology, high-energy visible light (HEV light) is high-frequency...
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    anyone felt the same

    Odd, Cherry bomb germed great from what I saw...and I caused some mold situations by using to much molasses to early. I have some Earth Juice Catalyst and it smells just like beer, as some of the ingredients are just like unfermented brewskie. I had some crappy peat moss soil and wanted to...
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    Sour Bubble 6 weeks in flower

    I think the Sour Bubble looks better than Bubba plants, from what I have seen. Which is odd, bubblegum didn't say to have any kush in it but it's a very Kush far as plant shapes. Nice grow. I don't know why people debate Bubba Kush being bubble gum and hindu kush when it's...
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    Need some help with next years grow

    That is what I am worried about fishcabo, I have thought about putting rocks at the bottom (digging deeper to put something where water can go but roots don't. .....even thought about just working more gypsum down there but all in all even a foot more deeper just for drainage is still going to...
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    Actual Root growth

    And old thread but I was thinking about this the other day. Since I work around a lot of clay type soils. I learned some interesting things here, I didn't think that the roots grow out more than down...I thought they just push their way equally but run into competition growing latterly. I...
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    Need some help with next years grow

    Raised beds are not at all going to work for an illegal crop, other than perhaps Poppies in a country they don't normally do well in (for drainage purposes). I don't know why raised beds would do well with cannabis, other than perhaps the drainage and the extra heat...which isn't that good...
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    Kananga strain !

    Guano before flowering and during, a lot of guano growers don't give's a thin margin of success, powerful stuff! Plus over watering can make it appear that your nutrients are to low, but you also show signs of toxicity...since it uptakes far to much water, kills roots and becomes...
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    Popping Seeds Outdoors?

    There can be a serious problem with soil instability, things have a tendency to float to the surface and float around. The Jiffy starters is a good idea but I prefer plugs that are supposedly made from a synthetic substance that breaks down....the jiffy plugs have been known to have bug...
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    War Without Borders - In Drug War, Tribe Feels Invaded by Both Sides

    “So marijuana is the catalyst for the rest of the drug trade.” No, it's popularity and lack of dangers is a great catalyst for drug trade. The border guards aka Feds seem to make a lot of money from this, so they can have a job and appear satisfied. It's sad that the Indians haven't been...
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    LED lights

    True, I'd never consider going with LED's alone at this price....the blue is a great night light since it's not very bright like the CFL. So it makes sense to have the veg plants like the mums where you sleep. At this point I can't think of any reason at the current price, to have some red...
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    LED lights

    Just got a 12 watt 440 nm blue, it's great. It's a lot larger than what I was expecting, the green 12 watt LED is much smaller. This thing is bright and almost purple, it makes a great party light if you want to spend a hundred bucks. It's for being between two 125 watt cool CFL bulbs...
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    haze-kush cross

    Nice, really really nice!
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    What really burns biscuits, BAD INFO!

    Interesting Trillion, I guess I thought that not all genes pass on from both still seems that they would at least 'shuffle' or come together randomly...good point bringing up that genotype passes on recessive traits as well....or traits jut not expressed. Probably why F2 or F3's...
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    What really burns biscuits, BAD INFO!

    I was reading your writing UV-B and it made me remember something I read about THCV. THCV is actually not more potent, it's an antagonist which is why it 'softens' the high. Which is odd, people say it makes it more psychedelic but it might actually be very selective about what actions it...
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    What really burns biscuits, BAD INFO!

    Some more thoughts, it seems an F3 is where a breeding project is really showing the parental F1 errors are obvious and probably few at this point unless a major fault occurred or just unseen hidden genetics. An F1 shows your range of genotypes and possible phenotypes if some...
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    What really burns biscuits, BAD INFO!

    Just burned dude, winter cabin fever kicking in...really could of used that harvest and subsequent beans, but got some nice fems or maybe we find out they are not so nice...but anyways, being really stoned with winter burn out doesn't help that long work to get holes filled and mixed. Then...
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    What really burns biscuits, BAD INFO!

    no weed, it's a bitch but honestly it's helped clear house. I went through some hard times and it seems 'friends' ran like the plague was coming. Basically they were not friends, they were people that used me for the ONLY DUDE with an seems these didn't move out until their...
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    What really burns biscuits, BAD INFO!

    I see it time and time, then again as always people consider their information valid since it's a 'total opinion'. I will start with the easiest and most common 'cannabis' error. I used this mistake for a long time myself and it's no big deal. But a phenotype is an environmentally...
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    Organic mix for plants?

    These are all GREAT THINGS to put in your compost pile or your worm bin, which reminds me I need a worm bin among many other things.
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