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    Subcool Seeds?

    Mendel you hit it just right about Subcool aka Subzero by us folks who know the truth about this con man. Subzero many year ago was a budding antisocial and he continues to con his way through the MJ field. He ripped off many strains from Bolt growers it's a shame. I have no respect for his...
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    Santa Marta Colombian Gold smoke report

    Yes some lemon. Some have a sweet earthy sent. Some I can't explain. One thing is certain a long cure is highly reccomended for chemical convertion.
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    Santa Marta Colombian Gold smoke report

    No these seeds were not purchased from a vendor. They were picked from buds on a trip to Santa Marta Columbia. And back crossed for fresh seeds every 2--3 years. Most pheno are 3 consistent ones, spear like and clump like. All are the same when it comes to potency, nothing like one gets from...
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    Santa Marta Colombian Gold smoke report

    Good question btw. I have 3 monsters in the greenhouse at 13 weeks in. Going to let them go another week, so 14 weeks is a good estimate. I backedcrossed her again for the 10th time so I will have some fresh seeds next year. The are awesome you should see them! About 8+ feet and lime/lemon...
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    Santa Marta Colombian Gold smoke report

    Hey how long did you let your Gold flower? Or, what week did you give her the chop?
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    No odor Sour Diesel

    If you received clones they often run their course and revert to origin pheno.
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    Mandala F1's (Satori x Hashberry)

    Really great Mandala. Have grown most of what they have to offer. They have first class genetics. Not a bunch of "Pollen Slingers." I won't say it but most who know me know who i am talking about.... Mandala takes the time to complete Landrace selection trials. They do it right!
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    Vietnam Black Grow

    Looks a lot like Willie Nelson...Or should I say Willie Nelson has a lot of V-Black in it....Very nice!
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    shasta county collective robbed again

    That sucks balls!
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    Yo, I grow the Flo

    Flo is a great strain. Grow it every year. Met DJ in Portland about 15 years ago. He gave me FLO seeds 10 years ago been growing it ever since. First year I had it made seeds. A huge plant outdoor with multiple harvest. Purple stems, hollow stems, and big producer. Medical folks love it...
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    Can I put my neighbors 6 plants in my greenhouse?

    Enter at your own risk.....
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    Fresno County Gives Medical Marijuana Dispensaries 6 Months To Close

    215 nothing about store front sales. Got to go with the " Collective" concept. Cities just tolerate store front then say you got to go. If these store fronts want to stay open do what Harbor Side does in Oakland, pay the right people off and put the homeless to work.....
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    Bad Boys, Bad Boys, WTF Ya Gunna do when they come for you....

    I love it!
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    What's the most unique strain you've smoked?

    I don't smoke but.... While in Chitral Paki in the 70's a Green strain of Paki Kush. In the States we don't see this strain, much more potent then the colorful Purple strain. BTW, for the life of me I can't figure out why stoners like MJ that is purple. Seen folks buy MJ just for the color...
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    What are you listening to right now?

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    Outdoors In The 831

    Oh I love it! Nothing better then weed in the woods! So sweet.....These indoor guys don't know what they are missing. Jungle grows are the best, and if you actually harvest and fight off the bugs, fungus, or CAMP/DEA. it's so worth it! So rewarding!
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    Name these!!

    "purpledawg x grapewreck" I like>Dick Cheny
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    how long till i see the sex?

    It's comin!
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    Sour Kush #6 Scog(custom singles)

    Nice job!
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    Look at my sour diesel!! WTF??

    Poor baby!
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