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  1. OldCajun

    How many watts for a 2x4 growspace

    I had mine from kingbrite i 4 days, thats damn good. Bet the price and fast delivery !!!!
  2. OldCajun

    Kingbrite review

    How and who would I contact to purchase from King Brite
  3. OldCajun

    New on the Farm

    Thank you everyone and Merry Xmas!
  4. OldCajun

    New on the Farm

    Hello everyone, From the swamp here! I have been all over this site and taking in as much as i can. Smoke the old mexican, cleaned seeds on album Sensimilla, Acapulco Gold. We smoked what ever we could get our hands on. I have some old seeds somewhere, maybe find them one day...
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