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    My Og is 25%-28% THC Consistant

    Free tester nugs for all!! lol
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    In the works...

    Wow Jimmy!! I just want some of them SSH f2's.. and there free!! Thats means I can spend the bucks on the Vic and get the SSH free.. Now thats whats up bro!!
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    intro to me

    Welcome bro.. you have some nice dank over there!!
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    Sour Jack

    Wow very nice!! That ECSD really shining thru on this one!! What she smelling like?
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    What are the benefits to cutting CO2 back??

    If most folks cut ther co2 off late in harvest the buds will foxtail ne ways because there rooms are getting to warm with co2 off.. Thats one reason I use it so my temps can go up alittle.. Anyone know if there is any science to this tale.. I wonder if the folks doing bumper harvest can tell...
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    What are the benefits to cutting CO2 back??

    Thanks Doc.. anyone else??
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    Strain pic's

    Nice selection forsure!! But wher is all the haze at??
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    What are the benefits to cutting CO2 back??

    What are the benefits of cutting co2 back?? What are the benefits of cutting co2 back the last few weeks of flowering? How many of you do this and why? How many of you keep a 1500ppm till the end of flower? Does it effect yield, taste, smell, ect. ect..?? Thanks for ne and all experience?
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    The Winners, name that strain.

    Oh hell yea thats whats up Karma thanks for the pick bro!! Cant wait to get these in the ground!! Big ups to all the other winners!!
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    Smaller drop than expected

    I could of sworn he said the drop would be a week from now on the 20th may.. I guess he got a jump start!!
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    Smaller drop than expected

    Is it still buy one get one free on all stock or just the old stock?
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    Shady Business… In the Cuts: Under Current

    Very very nice bro!! Hows that Guava 13 tasting?
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    Sour Jack

    O hell yea bro!! how she smelling??
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    Competition 2 - Name that strain

    Casey Jones x East Coast Sour Diesel- Soured Jones H.A OGK x ECSD- Diesel Spill Snowdawg x ECSD- Sour Blizzard Chemdawg Sister x ECSD- East Coast Sister or Sour Pussy Chemdawg #4 x ECSD- Sour Cuatro D Bubba Kush Katsu x ECSD- Katsu Diesel Amnesia Haze x ECSD- Sour Blackout...
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    HELP me name that Strain..........

    #1 AJ Sour Diesel x Lucifer OG- Sour Demon or Sour Angel #2 Bubba Kush x Lucifer OG- Apocalypse OG #3 The White x Lucifer OG- Guardian Angel #4 FireWhite#6 x Lucifer OG- Born Again OG
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    Power Outage

    Sheeshh.. you guys make me feel better.. thanks alot.. so darkness for a few days it is.. If ne thing maybe she will shell out extra resin thinking her doom is amongst Im trying to stay positive.
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    Power Outage

    Yea this is a big garden in a basement with no windows.. We tried a few flashlights thats what I used to check on them now and we would need a shit load of flashlights to cover everything.. Anyone left flowers in the dark halfway along for 4-5 days? Im just hoping they dont die.. My gut says...
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    Power Outage

    Sup fellas.. I got a power outage and my girls are 6wks in flower and have been in the dark for going on 2 days now.. May not have power till Sunday or Monday.. Thats 3-4 more days in the dark.. I have no generator and I cant be there to suplement light via flash lights candles..ect..ect.. every...
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    Cloner Question

    Yea bro your good go for it.. I have rooted with just water from the spicet in my ezcloner.
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    Them little bastards can find nething! I would find a good stash house. Like a relative thats way way off the radar.. If you cant do that I would construct a small sealed vault and burry it in (the) back yard or better yet do what Bruce Willis did in that movie RED and burry that shit under the...
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