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    Reef, can you give some more info about your Williams Wonder?

    Looks gorgeous Wyatt. Also, let me know if you find something too monkeybone! :) I have always been hesitant to try Rez's because of the NYCD involved. If I was going to purchase a hybrid I would probably go with Sagarmatha's Wonderberry (which I actually plan to do). William's Wonder was...
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    Reef, can you give some more info about your Williams Wonder?

    Does anyone know Quebec Seed Bank's web adress? I have just clicked on about 5 outdated links. I am very interested in finding a pure William's Wonder, but just want to know the complete background of the genetics before shelling out a bunch of money. I have complete trust in Reef, but I have no...
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    Reef, can you give some more info about your Williams Wonder?

    I am curious if these are Williams Wonder in pure form as well.
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    Super Stardawg at 45 days BLOOM !!

    Gorgeous, especially the second picture. Looking forward to updates.
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    How do I keep pot plants from falling over.

    Tomato cages. It is too late to use them this year, but you may want to try them in the future. Your local hardware should have stakes (typically green plastic ones) which are useful in supporting plants from toppling over.
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    some lost Darkside..

    :rock You are keeping the MSM Legacy healthy.
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    gfxbb a beast among us

    Good show adam. The Berry Funk from the GFBB I smoked was so tasty.
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    Attack of the 4ft. Bubba!!

    Lovely. Looking forward to her progression, and updates.
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    Favorite way to fight mold?

    I always top plants outdoors, hoping that multiple smaller buds will result in less mold. I think in some areas (such as mine unfortunately) mold is always an issue, and a grower has to always keep an eye out for it no matter what.
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    OGxBS2.2 and Donk just before harvest

    Spice of Life has always been one of my loves. I have not tried any of the newer (newish?) gear, but both of those lines look great.
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    This frog wants to make a home in my pot

    Who can blame him? Sweet picture btw....
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    highland mex. x blueberry

    Thanks for the link. I am very interested in these genetics.
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