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    yeah thanx guys it looks like we are all mostly on the same page that when it comes to tinnitus mj is mostly useful as a sleep aid/coping. so far i have not come across a strain that subsides it so im thinking the few times that ive experienced total silence after smoking might have been...
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    dazedandconfused i am the same way it gets loud but lets me sleep with ease at the same time. and yes couchlock indicas usually magnifies it. maybe ill start runnin more sats to see if that has any quieting down effect. i love sats but very seldom smoke em because of room restrictions and around...
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    Anyone got any Nice Northern Light Pics?

    Seedsman has got a real potent sticky high yielding NL. it was in my garden for a long time. does anyone know where that one stands as far as being related if at all to nevilles NL5 or the NL5 pure that Reef offered?
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    i was wondering what the tinnitus sufferers here had to say about mj, particularly strains. most people say it doesnt help or makes it worse which is true for me but there have been times over the years where certain weeds actually made it go away. my tinnitus is pretty bad (daily nearly...
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    Kodiak Gold

    had the all lavender pheno KGxBB few years back lost that mother still havent recovered from that one!!! been waiting for the KG and Blue Thunder ever since. out of 2 packs of BT almost all the the females purpled and one was completely pure lavender/purple.
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    gfxbb a beast among us

    hard to beat the taste & smell of Chimera BBxGF it is the epitome of NW fruity bud. Not much smell during growing but once cut and dried it unleashed powerful aroma of dank fruit candy you cannot get enough of that smell when you open the jars =P id say at least half my plants began to turn...
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    Northern Lights

    seedsman NL clones day 5 flower
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    Northern Lights

    ive had good results with Seedsmans Northern Lights, flowered dozen females from seed kept one that was unusually orangey. grew NLxBB from PeakSeeds buncha years back when that was the only strain they sold i think they call it Northernberry now id grow it again
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    Gsus q

    jus started 12 GSUS and was wondering if more of these are ever going to be made/released if not ill def keep a male or two this time. and also is there any est. time for the Kodiak and hybrids (like blue thunder) to return? like summer, winter. thanx
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    any G13xBBS pictures out there?

    i grew these back when they were first released all mine popped i remember this one being really stinky (and stronger than bbxnl5 i had) a couple people said it was some of the best they smoked, blue hues too
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