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  1. J

    Anyone else using house and gardens nutes?

    can you elaborate? I had a mate that used it and his harvest was beyond normal for his output
  2. J

    10" MDF box fan w/squrrell cage rotor

    I'm using a 10" MDF housed squirrell-cage rotor extractor pushing air into a 8" can filter. The extractor is controlled with a simple speed controller and has been for over a year.. The problem I face is, every day when I approach my grow room the roar of the fan at 1/4er speed is...
  3. J

    Anyone else using house and gardens nutes?

    i only use Root Excel, but have had good results with it.. I prefer advanced also because I've become very familiar with what each component does.. In fact I can mix without measuring ec and ph these days and get it bang on every time :)
  4. J

    Large Calyxes

    What kind of flushing regime do you recommend? I'm in the final phases and I've just done a preliminary flush with carboload, barricade (potassium silicate) and water.. today I've notice firmer buds.. My plants are not desplaying autumn pistil as yet, though they should be.. any thoughts...
  5. J

    Heat mats and germination.

    I've found that a heat mat is useful in a propagation tent... they are far bigger than a normal propagator and a thermostat controlled heat mat in a tend works well.. but if you are using normal propagators then you wont need a heat mat til ur temps drop during the winter (depending on...
  6. J

    justanother multi-strain, micro-SOG, ...bozo style!

    yes, very interesting.. those pots are amazing.. Some guy on another forum used a similiar method in a thread called 'root development Vs plant growth'.. its actually quite interesting that 15L pots aren't required to pull big weight.. I'm tuning in to this one n e way, I want to see the...
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    flower cycle broken..what now

    I've just realised I left my bloom lights on longer than I should.. I over rided the timer 15min earlier as I needed to do my watering before going for a meeting that I could not be late for and didn't know when it was going to end.. I've woke up this morning with the plants sending my psychic...
  8. J

    my new cloning investment

    if they are anything like root riot plugs made by growth technology then they will be quite good and have visible roots in as little as 9 days providing conditions are optimal.. 11-14 days is quite normal..
  9. J

    flower cycle broken..what now

    I agree.. I accidentally put all my plants into bloom when I needed to keep one back as a mother.. It was 2 weeks down the line when I realised my mistake.. I pulled one of the healthiest looking girls out the room and put her back to veg.. I made clones from her quite quickly (couple weeks or...
  10. J

    Online security

    old thread, I've never been bothered really.. used to go in cam chat rooms while sitting in my growroom with plants in the background (until I was banned).. The more people who come out the closet about being farmers the better.. of course a pseudonym might be an advantage over genuine detail...
  11. J

    Sick of all the crap around. Almost time....

    Welcome just in ct, i hear you.. the only reason I love growin is because I love bud and the feeling is mutual with me and my ladies.. some of these sales men are only out to make a living, it's just the nature of business.. they will advertise the brilliance of their stock just to make dollars...
  12. J

    please help, problem with my clones

    Depending how tall they were when you took them, I'd cut the brown off and dip em again in my rooting hormone.. It's very likely that you should scrap them, but my last batch of clones a few weeks ago took longer than 2 weeks to come thru because their mother had been in bloom for 2 weeks before...
  13. J

    Setup Underneath bed, need help with exaust etc

    i think u will set ur bed on fire (especially if a timer fails and ur tubes don't cool! this shyt does happen).. i hope u aren't in it when you do.. someone used a 4 poster bed, without the mattress and the base e.g just the frame.. wrapped the whole thing in mylar with a small entry, no...
  14. J

    Setup Underneath bed, need help with exaust etc

    thats made my day hahahaha, do u do standup, i need a good laff
  15. J

    What do you like to read?

    joe.5 can't (doesn't) read.. i think 'Lost' is also at risk
  16. J

    Top Cash Crop, PERIOD!

    i wouldn't grow for anyone.. i've done it before and there's no guarantee your initial investment will bring you reward, which could make some peeps disappointed.. took me many many tries and a lot of reading, video watching and discussion to start harvesting something worth it.. even today, i'd...
  17. J

    House&Garden Top Shooter and Roots excelurator

    I use h&g root excel in veg also.. concentration means it lasts long.. amazing results using an aero-cloner.. only used this in veg as my bloom room has only advanced nute range because that is what poppa Jo brought me up with.. Similar results to AN Voodoo, but I had to use a bag of other stuff...
  18. J

    how to harvest pound every month...

    If you are going to do a perpetual grow then don't cut corners.. i was hoping to harvest 15 plants/month this year, but lack of attention to detail ended with me and a dead mom and a tragic loss of clones after only 4 harvests... I need to start up again, in the meantime I'm loosing time
  19. J


    I prefer coir to soil, only because its simpler... but many veterans wouldn't trade in their soil secrets for a bag of canna coco for n e fing... I've found different methods liked by many, seems like its down to how much of a challenge an individual wants to set themselves
  20. J

    coco smart beds with Obs

    that is one sick setup Obsoul33t, i'll be pulling up a chair for this.. so many times I've thought about trading in my pots for a bed.. after all I'd prefer a sofa to an armchair
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