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  1. Eternal Student

    Testers Wanted

    didnt want to put shipping methods on here out of respect/privacy...but yeah, what midwest said...
  2. Eternal Student

    Testers Wanted

    Godfather OG came in the mail today...will be popping asap and getting em ready for the new pad...Have to say, the packaging itself was impressive...very dope. i'll throw up a pic later when i find my camera (things are all boxed up over here)
  3. Eternal Student

    Testers Wanted

    sorry bout that urbanite...i retract my statement...he has the tahoe and the fire both listed as males in that genealogy. probably a typo in the description maybe?...idk...good question, but im assuming thats the answer....probably had a male lemon og hit to tahoe, then selected a male from that...
  4. Eternal Student

    Testers Wanted

    didnt mean that as a jab, just putting the facts out
  5. Eternal Student

    Testers Wanted kind of answered that one yourself brotha...if its raskals fire, he could have selected a male from that stock and hit the tahoe lady my man...
  6. Eternal Student

    Biker le Blanc.

    very unfortunate with m/f ratio but it could always be least you have a nice selection of males to f2 from've got some killer genes in those plants...i actually managed to fandangle myself a pack of these, but given my current situation i wont be able to pop them for lil...
  7. Eternal Student

    Testers Wanted

  8. Eternal Student

    Testers Wanted

    Yo Uprising, havent heard from ya brotha...everything okay over there?
  9. Eternal Student


    Yeah, me neither..I was supposed to be doing some testing...hopefully their just extremely busy...we shall see in the coming days (hopefully not weeks)..Seems like a solid person from the conversations i had with him
  10. Eternal Student

    Salmon Berries & Golden Gate Kush & rOarGe F2

    damn diggin these...i agree with you on the that #5 rOarGe...that is gonna be a really nice pheno...I'm savin mine for a rainy day but damn you make me not want to...Good shit bro...who the hell is gonna hurry up and invent a scratch and sniff app...damn...
  11. Eternal Student

    Dirt nap , picnic basket og

    Right em justice D...Baba is the man...
  12. Eternal Student

    The Hemperor

    Incredibly healthy bro...seriously great work. I love Baba's Jack cut and the VBK is a looker too...should be some kill...i'll be poppin in here fa sho...
  13. Eternal Student


    I really wanted to grab these out of sentiment...the E32 was one of my learning curve cuts that I first started with bout 8 years ago...I can see it in Symbiote's pic too...I'm excited to see what these end up lookin like Sox...should be a super tasty and potent combo...
  14. Eternal Student

    1st Stop Crystal Ship

    This cross sounds like its gonna be another G.L. killer...cant wait to see more Dirk...
  15. Eternal Student

    Yeti OG vs Goji OG

    Very impressive D...those are some fine genetics...
  16. Eternal Student

    Props To Baba G & Golden Lion Genetics

    Gotta agree that Baba is a stand up dude...I havent seen a breeder yet that is so reliable with support and knowledge. Not to mention the fire genetics. I love the pride of ownership he represents...About to pop the Sockeye OG's tomorrow and throw up a log within the coming days...I hate strokin...
  17. Eternal Student

    Testers Wanted

    For sure brotha...i'll be throwin up a log here asap..hit me up bout watever...
  18. Eternal Student

    Testers Wanted

    I just want to note that this is an incredible line up folks..nuff said..After talking to Uprising, dude seems super cool and looks to have some real gems in the stable, not just a one-round pheno hunt, pollen chucker...a REAL breeder. Looks like these folks have their sh** together..Dont sleep....
  19. Eternal Student

    Testers Wanted

    Evoke, yeah theyre all regs bud...they stated that just under the list of genetics under growing style: "We currently only produce our seeds the old fashion way with a male and a female. All seed packs will contain 13 regular seeds." -Uprising SeedCo
  20. Eternal Student

    Testers Wanted

    not sure yet, i pm'ed uprising so we'll see whats gear for sure...gotta be reg's with all those x's tho im thinkn...
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