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    Toker 2 Bong

    Hey folks, just logged in for the first time in quite a while. Thanks to mforman123 and the link above I have purchased a new Toker II and I could not be happier. Thank you Eggman
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    Make me laugh, post it up

    Bump. Lots of good stuff here. Eggman
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    OE and Viet Black Outdoor 2011

    Your last picture of the OE looks so good to me Numide. Other shots look good also but that last one just looks so perfect to me. Nice growing. Eggman
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    whoooo Breaking Bad S04E01

    Best show going right now for me also. Eggman
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    Highest CDB

    Did I read somewhere that Mota went to the Indica side and Sannie to the Sativa side? Eggman
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    Happy Holiday Weekend

    Thanks for this thread and don`t forget the extra police out on the roads for your "protection". Eggman
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    Motarebel Genetics Woodhorse UBC Chemo X's Test Grow

    Bumpity bump. Update please on these gems. Eggman
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    Lizardo and NP 13 tester

    A big BUMP for this thread. Can we get an update T1420? Egggman
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    Tex was in a major car accident.

    Glad to see you back here and on the mend Tex. Hang in there. Eggman
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    Tex was in a major car accident.

    Best wishes Tex and we hope to see you back here soon. Eggman
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    Info on these strains

    The Hashmaster that I know of was from Doc Bush. Hasen`t been available for a few years now I believe. Was very nice. I don`t think he is above ground now. Would love to find out that he is around. Eggman
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    Toker 2 Bong

    That`s it! Eggman
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    How old are you?

    54 for a few more weeks. Most days I feel older. Eggman
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    Chocolate Thai and Hybrids Seed Info

    Good to see you back and running strong BG. I went back a few pages and rechecked the list of things you will be sending soon and again see 4 or 5 that I must get. What a suprise! Finished 6 girls from a pack of Razorback. I had to take them a little early because of heat issues but they looked...
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    Anyone experienced with Romulan x Hashplant..Smoking & Growin?

    I`m 100% with that vendor. 6 or 7 orders. Got 1 in the process right now. No I don`t work for them. Eggman
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    Krush x Deep Chunk?

    Good info Big Buddy, thank you. I just finished up 6 BK x DC and was thinking about the Krush x DC. Mine were nice but way BK dominant. Eggman
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    My 1st Banana Smack

    Best wishes OTF. That plant looks to get quite bushy. Looking forward to seeing you finish this one out. Take care Eggman
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    All Aboard -Bubba Express

    Very nice pics OpTikFiber. I missed out on those and it`s nice to see good shots of what I hope to grow it the future. I`ve yet to grow a straight Bubba but I`m just finishing up a few Bubba x Deep Chunk and I see what you mean about the large leaves. Really like that last pic as you can get a...
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    Motarebel Genetics is back..........

    Good to read you Mota. Will you be around more often and will these be available here or at Sannies? Eggman
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    R.I.P. "Rock"

    Sad news brother. Your friend sounds like quite a guy. Sorry for your loss and I`ll add the both of you to my prayer list. Take good care Eggman
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