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  1. deacon1503

    Obama’s New Drug-czar Nominee Wins First Senate Vote

    Hopefully he tells Leonhart to correct her information. This Loretta Lynch sitch for AG scares me.
  2. deacon1503

    40kw Aptus/h16 Party!

    The 1hp should work fine, worst case split each room into 2 zones. They are multi-stage with a built-in electronic pressure tank. Good shit.
  3. deacon1503

    40kw Aptus/h16 Party!

    Nice work. Fwiw...If you fancy a proper feed pump, the grundfos mq's work awesome.
  4. deacon1503

    Coco Trees

    Thanks for the tip, maybe that's what I've been doing wrong this whole time.
  5. deacon1503

    Adding Cal Mag To Current Solutions?

    That might be ur issue. Use the tap until ur RO is hooked up.
  6. deacon1503

    Adding Cal Mag To Current Solutions?

    If using RO water go with GH Calimagic. It has low N and high in iron. Are u on well or city water?
  7. deacon1503

    Need Some Input On Heavy 16 With Aptus Top Leaf Burning Week 5

    Looks like a heavy K-. Is that an older, lower fan? On mulders chart the protagonist of a K is a Boron. Pull back on fasilitor maybe? The burnt tip with a heavy roll up says K-.
  8. deacon1503

    best butane to use?

    Puretane or n-butane. No propane in either, both usa made. Master case price is competitive if you purchase direct.
  9. deacon1503

    AC/DC 1:20 THC:CBD (clone-only) - looking for specific growth charactistics

    I have 2 cuts of this going. Can't wait to see her flower.
  10. deacon1503

    Another Bho Thing In Giltucky

    Damn idiots ...
  11. deacon1503

    It Happens To Everyone. Heat Kills.

    Frozen coils or lines are bc of either low air flow or low refrigerant. Double check your superheat.
  12. deacon1503

    Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV) Testing @ Home In Minutes

    My wifi cut, white dom, does this all the time. We refer to it as Variegation.
  13. deacon1503

    How Many Gavita 750s Can I Put In A 24x10 With 8ft Ceiling?

    Not at all. It's a just a nice tool for the garden to improve efficiency, but it's really nothing a good gardener couldnt live without. With that said, I will always install an EL1/2 with Gavitas.
  14. deacon1503

    Sizing Pump Properly For Irrigation System

    Ultimately further away from the pump as possible. I use the Octabubbler 10gph (red dot), with a 25 psi regulator underneath them so the ball valve is kind of a back up regulator, if needed at all. I also use the fan-jet microsprinkler in Red. 1 spinkler for 5 gallon. 2 for 7 gallon. Call...
  15. deacon1503

    Sizing Pump Properly For Irrigation System

    I'm gonna say just grab a Grundfos MQ-45 1-hp booster pump. Also I'd recc u upgrade ur main pvc run to 1" to facilitate more volume at less pressure. If one pump isn't enough, split the system using 2 pumps from the same Rez. U can use ball valves to regulate pressure as well.
  16. deacon1503

    How Many Gavita 750s Can I Put In A 24x10 With 8ft Ceiling?

    Basically. Eye hooks in the ceiling then 3" carabiner'a then gavitas. I've seen these in person, they're definitely not as tall as the gavitas.
  17. deacon1503

    How Many Gavita 750s Can I Put In A 24x10 With 8ft Ceiling?

    fwiw. I just completed a 6 light room with 750 Gavi's over 24 in 5 gallons. 16 x 12 x 7 room and a 2 ton window shaker set at 70 keeps the canopy 76 accordingly to the EL2. The 2 ton is plenty. When set @ 115% they are decently warm.
  18. deacon1503

    The War on Medical Marijuana in MI Super Thread, NEWS,BUST,LAWS <<<<Updated Often>>>>

    They should of kept they're mouths shut.
  19. deacon1503

    Whats Up For Tonight ????

    I'll play. A pic from last new e-nail. And Blue Moon FTW!
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