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  1. devious d

    the mask f2

    hermi stock not a good start,, but chance of getting eb-splodge worth a try good luck peace D.D not into all that hoarding strains elite cuts spread the love
  2. devious d

    the mask f2

    @tattoojim not one of my mask cracked couldnt have been more dissappointed, usual method, dont know any uk growers of it, hardly anyone knew herijuana which i bough when i got them run a few times, i liked even tho i had a small yeilder, my wife and other patients didnt, so never kept still got...
  3. devious d

    Tre Star Dawg

    just running some testers of whitefire x tres stardawg , and querkle x tre stardawgs on another site, glad i found this thread give me an idea of tres stardawgs pheno,s,and how fat and dank they are with there fox tails, the whitefire used was a special crystal making machine[even amongst other...
  4. devious d


  5. devious d

    Breeding for beginners

    they wil be f1,s i believe theyll be alot more pheno,s, found amongst them, good luck should find a keeper in a 5 pack peace D.D
  6. devious d

    NEW TO THE NEW FARM(not the old)

    Well thought id say hi, as been off line for few months and all my data,s gone, well been indoor growing for a good 10 yr nowacross of hydro, atopots and soil, my fav of the moment is my pure gooey, but exodus cheese,wifi,blockhead,plushberry f1,sour bubba,wappa,deep squeak,and a pack of sunset...
  7. devious d

    mask macros........(test nug)

    my pheno of herijuana sounds like that all small buds ,or the 1 fem out of 5, loverly smoke small yeild looking forward to trying my mask peace D.D
  8. devious d

    the mask f2

    got a pack of these myself as a freebie from sannie still havent cracked them,ive seen pic of a really cacked pheno(crystal apon crystal) of this, was just looking for pics as im sure it was on hear, looking forward to these as 4 out of 5 herijuana was male peace D.D
  9. devious d

    the room!

    Looking good bro you,s have that canopy trick to a t, top job D.D
  10. devious d

    help with topping

    Hey just watch it again he tells you,tried it myself wicked way of starting a scrog. thats LBH,s tut, the 1st top gives you 4, the 2nd 8 very good tutorial good luck D.D
  11. devious d

    Perlite in Hydro

    I started in pots and perlite watering by hand ,mainly sog,s peace d.d
  12. devious d

    Bubblegum or Sage??

    I got 1 fem out of 5 and it was airy with little thc giving it 10 weeks, big buds but airy when cut from the stem unhappy
  13. devious d

    New Vertigrow SOG Stadium

    damn good
  14. devious d

    Sour kush 1 seed dna seeds fem

    Dry shots like sour apples EMM!! D.D:harvest:
  15. devious d


    STILL ON MY SOUR KUSH,And sour full melt em!!D.D:evilgrin0040:
  16. devious d

    who's started their outdoor ting?

    So ive put a couple out that have been on 18-6 will this start to flower ?
  17. devious d

    Blockhead,chem d ,c99 and various mix

    Starting to flower This is my blockhead taken just as the lights came on,need to get the cfl,s up do her justice she,s the whitest by far, and chem d and sour kush ,tahoe og are looking good but shesfar frostier, respect KROME. On the rebound D.D:evilgrin0040:
  18. devious d

    help needed keeping cuttings/mummy plants

    topping and manipulationas smirkis said also unpotting and sawing at least and 1-2 inches off the rootball from all sides if been in 6.5 then put in a smaller pot, but easier and healthy to keep them trimmed up
  19. devious d

    Cloning a flowering plant (late flower)

    ive been using an areo cloner and propagator, for the cuts flowering use the areo they root real quick, surprised myself, bit off strange growth bits of bud all over the plant once they get going, but quicker than regular cuts? peace D.D
  20. devious d

    tent full of lil raskals!!!

    See the new pics pukka bro
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