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  1. zeke

    MC`s Forest Adventure

    Unfortunately the majority humans are expensive,unreliable, ungrateful and overall pretty sucky. Personal problems, entitlement and outright snakey thieving shit usually follows... Have you considered a few of the new trail cams that are out now? They are a bit pricey($350-450) and have a $35...
  2. zeke

    Looking For The Gg#4

    If you are in Portland, the Archive Seeds shop sells cuts of GG4 and GSC. $30 or so. Kind of pricey but heathy, legit and pest free. GG4 S1 are around, mixed bag there though. Lots of herms but really good keepers too.
  3. zeke

    MC`s Forest Adventure

    Best thread ever. I've finally made it through five + yrs of continuing Saga. After reading all that I feel almost like I was there struggling with you. Still rocking the same spot probably already planned this season too. Too cool.
  4. zeke

    Lemon Tree

    Where can you find regular lemonskunk seed? DNA quit making them ten years ago. Now they are just fems.
  5. zeke

    Whats The Diffrence Between Gsc Forum Cut And Thin Mint?

    The Archive shop in Portland sells cuts of dosido,white Tahoe cookies and gsc forum. They also were slinging sour d, gg4 and rude out cuts. I'd suggest calling for availability before you fly out. They sell fast. It took me three different trips to get them all but I'm only an hour away. If you...
  6. zeke

    Archive Seed Bank

    Archive gear is great. If you are in Oregon there is an Archive shop in Portland. They sell cuts and excellent flower along with seed. Good people and top notch genetics
  7. zeke

    Cat Piss?

    Exactly my point. Everything on their seed list is F1 hybrids of Topdawg gear and club cuts. Some even feature both parentals from Topdawg gear. Complete and utter hackery. Zero breeding there at all. At least with Archive gear he uses his own male that he bred instead of someone else's.
  8. zeke

    Cat Piss?

    Greenpoint are shameless hacks. It's a fact. I'd suggest Archive seeds Code Blue. Cat Piss f1 and probably for sale here.
  9. zeke

    Clones In Oregon

    I can vouch for Archives Sour D, rude boi #1 and white Tahoe cookies. All excellent. The white Tahoe cookies is super tasty. @sanvanalona Please let me know when you guys are vending cuts there are a few on that list I'd like to check out. Thanks.
  10. zeke

    Preserving Apollo 13

    Mota isn't doing these anymore because Brothers Grimm are back at it again. No need to preserve them when the originals are still available. Mr. Soul says they still have the original parents of all their stuff.
  11. zeke


    Thanks for the tip fudge. I know his Heri is good that's where Mota's is from.
  12. zeke


    Blue Magoo is a clone only Nl5x WW from the PNW I believe. Smells a lot like the old Pineapple cut from the nineties.
  13. zeke


    I have an old Williams Wonder cut. Kind of peach like odor that is in the same ballpark of fruit as the Blue Magoo. So similar, I'd not be surprised if this WW was the parental used in the Magoo. Anyone know how the terp profile is on the Woodhorse WW?
  14. zeke

    Is Current Super Lemon Haze Still Really Lemony Or No?

    If you are in LA I think Buds and Roses has a good lemony cut of SLH.
  15. zeke

    Who has best rep in seed form sour d?

    Archive sells cuts of the Sour Diesel. Fletch has had it for like 15or 16 yrs. I ran it and it's legit. $30 I think. If you want seeds of SD heavy genetics I'd go with TopDawg or Archive. Rez told on people so he gets no love. (Period)
  16. zeke

    Sensi star?

    No it was a fully seeded bud off of a fully seeded plant. It all had to go through a screen anyway and I'm lazy.
  17. zeke

    Sensi star?

    I didn't make enough of the BC1 unfortunately. I think FS is still giving some away for freebies though. I'm working on the BC2 now. Still have the male(SSxLS) I used for the BC1 though so I'll make a ton more of those if I don't like the BC2. I'm also planning on using some original Paradise...
  18. zeke

    That Leeroy

    Excellent strain guys. Really nice light green color and excellent OG-esque awesomeness. I wouldn't expect a large per plant yield but they would probably do great crammed in a bed. Rare Dankness is a fairly solid company as far as OG regs from seed goes. Funny how they got the TK line to...
  19. zeke

    Travis Maurer, Prominent Oregon Marijuana

    Ha ha, that is some dirty pool. As if they didn't fleece this poor retarded rich dude enough, they told everyone he's a chimo too. Isn't that a Scientology tactic? These people sure make the industry look respectable. An old saying comes to mind, a fool and his money are soon parted.....
  20. zeke

    First Look At The Smokin' Gun, Colorado's Next Major

    I can't believe the cities of Colorado still use Blue laws. What utter retarded nonsense. These fuckers imaginary friend sure costs them a lot of money and also forces them to drink 3.2 beer....I bet you can buy nasty movies and prosthetic sex organs 24hrs a day and even on Sunday though...
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