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    problem with harvest

    if it gets too tall, bend it over. :D
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    Green Crack/Grandaddy(start to finish)

    Looks good. On a side note, isn't GC like a 54 day strain?... and you took it NINE weeks? I'm guessing you like to be nailed to the couch! lol
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    P91 Trees

    Yeah... drip clean doesn't mean you don't have to flush.. who told you that?
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    some new picks

    vegging along nicely
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    auto russian outdoor grow from 2nd generation seeds

    Best way in the world to get spider mites
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    Rate my additives PLEASE

    No reason to use any additives unless you like wasting money. Its been proven over and over again that simply lucas method (whether it be in 8/16 | 8ml -gal (flora nova bloom) | or maxibloom 1tsp gal) works better than the most expensive nutrient lines. Here's a secret the nutrient...
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    Snype's World of Madness! 8,000 Watts to 50,000 Watts!

    Why in the world do you need 50k watts..... Trying to finance an army?
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    Co2 101

    Co2 in a tent isn't really very efficient. But if you must, there is absolutely no reason to run Co2 without investing in the proper equipment. You need a co2 monitor (300-500$) and an electronic regulator ($100) in addition to the tank. Your tent is just going to let all of the co2...
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    How do you v/scroggers perform res changes without lifting the plants?

    You plan ahead and put a drain on the bottom of your containers so that all liquid runs back to the reservoir. Then you just drain the res via a pump. You're screwed, you're in for 2 months of pain in the ass lol.
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    SSH - my personal pick a.k.a. Temple Haze

    SSH was the first thing I ever grew, and to this day nothing compares.
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    White x Chem D x SFV OG

    Ill take #2
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    Opinions about Floranova Bloom(lucas formula)

    I use floranova bloom + hygrozyme + floralicious plus + drip clean we're growtwins! My method is putting 5 gallons of water in a 5 gallon bucket and lugging it upstairs. I set my 2 pumps into the bucket and plug them in which mixes the water viciously. I add the 5ml/gal (veg) so 25ml of FNB...
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    Flush with dehumidifier water?

    I've grown dwc in straight dehu water and had great results. Its always between 1-3 ppm and around 7ph. I put a hose onto the outlet and a black poly tube runs down to a 5 gallon bucket below. Its basically distilled water.
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    hydroponics outdoors?

    Obviously to combat the summer heat problem the above poster mentioned you would bury the container. I have thought about this too and I would use a 55 gallon food grade barrel which you can get used for around $15. Cut a hole in the top and drop a 10" heavy duty net pot bucket lid in it...
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    PLEASE help with possible dual table ebb & flow SOG set up

    You can't do perpetual in ebb and flow because you would be using the wrong nutrients during the wrong grow cycles. Unless you did multiple reservoirs. You will want to setup roughly 4 separate reservoir systems and do groups of clones 2 weeks apart, the other thing you can do is hand water...
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    Feminised BC GOD BUD

    No one buys from bc seeds unless you want ripped off. Everything in their descriptions is a lie to get you to buy it. They claim to have strains over 40% THC.... are you f'in kidding me... Do some searches on them. Euphoria, elephant bud, god bud, oracle, all dogshit...
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    dog eats coco, is this a concern

    mmmmmm, fiber. :banana1sv6:
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    new at hydro

    There are so many different things you can use. If you want to keep it simple try: GH Micro + bloom or floranova bloom. Cal mag + hygrozyme liquid koolbloom
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    How do you sterilize your meters before use?>

    I don't sterilize or rinse mine at all and haven't seen any problems. I just calibrate every couple months.
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    Troph Blumat Thread

    My exceptionally high ass was connecting clearex with florakleen :( I apologize for the confusion
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