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  1. Savage Henry

    What's The Application Per Gallon For Avid?

    Says it on the label, boss.
  2. Savage Henry

    H3ad Formula Problems

    Totally. A ph pen is an absolute necessity in coco.
  3. Savage Henry

    Plywood Or No Plywood?

    It wouldn't hurt, but it's not necessary. Bonus points for painting the frame with killz.
  4. Savage Henry

    Cheap alternatives to overpriced hydroponic nutrients

    I'm certainly no expert so take this with a grain of salt. Sounds like you should foliar spray with calcium around week 3 in anticipation of the deficiencybin week 4.
  5. Savage Henry

    russet mites

    Have you tried inoculating the pots with hypoapsis miles? They're pretty voracious and persist for a long time.
  6. Savage Henry

    Cheap alternatives to overpriced hydroponic nutrients

    Maybe amend your medium with gypsum.
  7. Savage Henry

    Might Try Coco Coir

    You can use it instead of perlite to cut straight coir. Ime works better than perlite.
  8. Savage Henry

    Might Try Coco Coir

    Ime coco works best with simple nutrition. The h3ad coco formula is worth googling, i beleive it uses the gh 3-part.
  9. Savage Henry

    What To Cut When Using Jack's And Moab?

    More about keeping the ec down. Also, no need for as much N late in flower as early on.
  10. Savage Henry

    What To Cut When Using Jack's And Moab?

    I've cut the calnit by 20% and added mkp (which is basically Moab) @ 0.5g/gal, and kept the base and Epsom the same. No jacks bloom, no most. Works well, ime.
  11. Savage Henry

    Coco And Nectar For The Gods

    That makes sense, I haven't completely automated my system because I anticipated it cutting off like you're describing. I just manually check the tensiometer reading every couple hours and set my timer to irrigate for a set period (allowing for 20% runoff) whenever it hits a certain kpa threshold.
  12. Savage Henry

    Terps House

    I noticed that fabric ducting as well, didn't know that was a thing. Looks like it could come in handy for the intake in my air exchange room. Mind if I ask where you sourced it?
  13. Savage Henry

    Coco And Nectar For The Gods

    Bi-weekly microbe inoculation, tensiometer-based irrigation cycles. Basically pushing the plants towards generative growth. I've noticed better root growth, ime, with straight coir as opposed to when it's cut with perlite and/or ewc. But, yea, it's all about the irrigation cycles
  14. Savage Henry

    Terps House

    Nice work, homie.
  15. Savage Henry

    Next Run In Coco

  16. Savage Henry

    Coco Root Shots!

    I can get behind this idea.
  17. Savage Henry

    JACKS BACK!!! Capulators new formulas.

    Same formula will work for both veg and bloom Per gallon: 3grams jacks hydro 2 grams calcium nitrate 1 gram epson salt. Add jacks, then Epsom, then calnit Cheers!
  18. Savage Henry

    How Much Water Do I Give 10 Gallon Pot?

    10gal is a bit much for coco. Don't get me wrong, I've used 5s, 7s, 10s, and 15s with coir. But the best growth, ime, came with smaller pots. These days I'll put moms in 2 gal pots and get em 4-5ft tall, hand watering as the terps described. Mango is correct, unless a 2-3 gal rootball was...
  19. Savage Henry

    Demons 4x315 Cmh Grow

    Apologies, mate. I'm not the guy to ask. Still rocking 1st gen xxxls with se bulbs over here. I was just reiterating issues I've seen others deal with, in reference to the gavitas.
  20. Savage Henry

    Deficiencies And Lec Lights

    Alright, I'm thinking ph may be an issue as promix is primarily peat (if I'm not mistaken). Also, 63 degrees is a pretty cold, so that rules out heat. If it was me I'd set the fan to kick on when the temps get to the mid 80s. The purple stems point to mag def, I'd use 1ml calmag in the...
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