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  1. Icristal

    Brownies. How Fine To Grind Up Stuff???

    I make tons of edibles using cannabutter. But when it comes to brownies, I use decarbed ground up sugar trim and a little ground up bud (after decarbing, grind enough so your not biting into a stem or chunk of bud)lol. I have tried to use the butter, but there is a huge difference in how strong...
  2. Icristal

    Clones To Flower

    picture 3 n 4 male
  3. Icristal

    White Widow. Timelapse Ganja Growing

    nice video and nice job on the plants.
  4. Icristal

    Testing New Strains

    Now have veg room back up and running for fall plants, currently in veg are testers for Animated seed co, Cherry og x Golden Strawberry. Just up potted to gallon pots and shooting for end of August to put in the tent to flower. Clones of all out door taken and more testers coming my way in the...
  5. Icristal

    Testing New Strains

    Also in my garden are Cruella DeVille by meduslameds and (togc x glue teck) x face off testers by DC105 Cruella #1 Cruella #2 (togc x glue teck) x face off #1 (togc x glue teck) x face off #2
  6. Icristal

    Testing New Strains

    Right now I have his Mighty Mendo-it clone running and Banana Peel aka Bandana og x lemon cookies, also Gatekeeper aka. Golden gate kush x dub king. All outdoors. Mighty Mendo - it pictured above GateKeeper, just finished revegging, much bigger now, picture a cpl weeks old. Banana Peel #1...
  7. Icristal

    Testing New Strains

    The clone run was donated to a local vet. I had had surgery and could not harvest myself, so donated it. I was unable to get final picture. As for the Mighty Mendo-it by goldenliongenetics, that turned out killer and am still growing it in clone form outdoors. Here is the seed run of the sweet...
  8. Icristal

    Hello Mainers!

    Hello Mainers, has anyone's plants started the stretch and flower on thier outdoor grow. Mine are now in stretch and started flowering for about a week now. Last year this did not happen until the end of July.
  9. Icristal

    25,000 People Needed For German Cannabis Study
  10. Icristal


    get some Guinea hens and let them loose.
  11. Icristal

    Help Calculate

    Very nice, I just popped 7 seeds from Motarebel Catatonic x Herijuana, all seven were males, never see that before so was shocked at the results. I am in Maine
  12. Icristal

    Help Calculate

    That would be nice, but we are on opposite coast. Thank you :)
  13. Icristal

    Help Calculate

    Thank you everyone for your information. I will check out the link @germinator , and I am well, thank you for asking. I have a sister and sister in law fighting stage 4 and stage 3 cancers. All they are looking for is something to make them relax a little. But i want to be careful as to what I...
  14. Icristal

    Help Calculate

    Hi All, I need help in figuring out doses on edibles. I feel quite inept in not being able to figure this out, so shouting out for help. lol So if you use 2 ounces of good quality trim and bud mixture to 1 pound of butter. 56 grams to 1 lb butter reduced to 14 grams per 1/4 lb of...
  15. Icristal

    Any Mothers Out There ?

    Many years ago I quit while pregnant. Most ladies I know stop while pregnant. And Bulldog has a good point. So I would stop personally. I hope all stay healthy and it's great to be a grandma. lol
  16. Icristal

    Hows The Weather In Your Neck O The Woods?? And What Are You Doing Today???

    Plow guy using his big equipment to move the snow in my driveway, This snow bank ended up being 4 feet tall than I am. And we are still not done moving the snow.
  17. Icristal

    Maine Seedbank

    Not the same @Papa Indica . The one in Farmington has developed a program that tracks thier seeds from purchase to finish/sale. They are out of a grow store. I have been to this place before becoming a seed bank. Will not go back due to many customer name dropping, not cool. I don't care who...
  18. Icristal

    Behold The Worlds Greatest Cannabis Storage.

    yup still rocking mine, love em
  19. Icristal

    Testing New Strains

    @baba G Clone run of the Purple Drink, all are doing well. Had a minor issue due to my own fault, missed a feeding,and my lack of attention. But back on track now. They are about 32 days in flower. The ones in the 5 gallon pots had another short stretch and have doubled in height this run, 3...
  20. Icristal

    53 Years Ago Today...

    We were at lunch in school and the Mother Superior came in crying and told us. I was in the fourth grade. It was a very sad day.
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