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  1. yezmar420

    lighting question, 5x5

    You'll do fine with that...just don't let them get to big height wise. E&F is the easiest to deal with IMO... Next time go with this stuff... Much easier to deal with...
  2. yezmar420

    Flora Kleen Vs. Clearex

    I use nothing but plain RO water for the last two best for me.
  3. yezmar420

    SunPulse lamps 4k,6.5k,3k,and10k

    Hey I went into my room earlier and found the light off??...take a look at my 1000 Hortilux HPS and notice it looked fried, had some pieces loose in it, luckily I had a spare 1000 MH to hold me over until I get a new bulb. I only got one 70 day cycle out of that bulb..that sucks.. I...
  4. yezmar420

    Get rid of water leaves in flower?

    That's funny..I pretty much use the same tactic...once right before flower then another time 3rd or 4th week in....
  5. yezmar420

    im out of this game

    So you know who the person is and aren't doing anything about it? I would not let this slide, if you do you become the easy mark after that. I don't know your situation or what kind of person this is (my guess, a tweeker) but your best option is to have law enforcement deal with him...plant...
  6. yezmar420

    anyone delt with oragocide?

    If you are indoors just use hot shot no pest strips, just hang them right before the lights turn out and cut the exhaust during the dark period. Do this for a couple days and you will be bug free...I tried Organocide once and it didn't affect the taste of my plants but the smell turned my stomach..
  7. yezmar420

    An alternative to Voodoo Juice?

    I'm glad I found this thread..I actually considered dropping some cash to actually try the stuff.... I'll just stick with my Great White..stuff seems to work awesome.
  8. yezmar420

    Bloody Mary Skunk

    That looks awesome..nice job.
  9. yezmar420

    Chem-D, Blue Dream and Cheese - how much longer you think I got?

    Here are my final pics for this thread...this is the Chem-D dried..this stuff came out awesome, the smell is like lemons and gasoline..taste is like a eucalyptus/lemon balm type thing...
  10. yezmar420

    Boycott Oaksterdam!

  11. yezmar420

    Boycott Oaksterdam!

    When did the SB420 limits get chucked?..this is news to me..
  12. yezmar420

    Flowering Time OG KUSH

    I've always heard 70 days is the number, that sounds good for hydro to me, 77 if you are in dirt...I just pulled some 70 day chem-d and am super happy with it..smells like lemon gasoline..og kush is probably similar...
  13. yezmar420

    An alternative to Voodoo Juice?

    I checked the labels online and your statement doesn't seem to be voodoo juice basically chicken crap also??...
  14. yezmar420

    BIG BUDDHA BLUE CHEESE harvested, method and yield

    Great writeup...I've been toying with pruning/trimming also lately and am also starting to realize I wasted a lot of time not trimming those lower stems. I used to just let it do its natural thing..big mistake.
  15. yezmar420

    quick way to warm nutrient/water

    Very cool and doesn't use electricty...
  16. yezmar420

    new hapiness

    7 oz's a plant...that's awesome!..was it indoor or out? I've never gotten that much..most was 3 oz a plant for me..under a 1000watt...never done outdoor. Do they carry those nutes in Israel or do you mail order the stuff?
  17. yezmar420

    Growing ganja is not easy

    Words of wisdom...anybody can grow some good green, getting some super kill dank...that's an art. I'd just flush the plants for a couple weeks and ditch the MG, they really don't need that much nutes and the only thing you lose by doing this is yield, depending what you are up to that could...
  18. yezmar420

    To flush or not to flush?......

    I think the watering less definitely has an effect on MJ and might be the reason why some of my hydro crops always had a blah kind of taste, it was good, but I think like you said, the water diluted the flavor..I'm in between crops now and am digging out my tray, pumps and meters this weekend...
  19. yezmar420

    Boycott Oaksterdam!

    If you ever met me you would see there is nothing complacent about me at all...I read the initiative and it has some valid points and ideas. I read your post and it really didn't say anything..the saying "Talking loud and ain't saying much" seems to come to are the one whining on a...
  20. yezmar420

    To flush or not to flush?......

    It's funny you mention this, when I was in Palestine visiting the olive orchard we used to have before some people showed up and took it my uncle was telling me how they used to avoid watering the olive trees towards the end of the cycle to increase oil production. I've done that with some of...
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