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  1. Domilee

    Are this trichoms milky? Or not.

    So can i harvest yea?
  2. Domilee

    Are this trichoms milky? Or not.

    are trichoms milky i really cant see different from weeks ago.
  3. Domilee

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    Critical geting bulk week 6
  4. Domilee

    Help Identify Problem Please (Photos Attached)

    Better control your ph. I dont use lot of nutrients less is better but ph allway correct. I never had problem
  5. Domilee

    My plants need to be saved

    Overwatering and wrong ph.
  6. Domilee

    Humidity problem no more time

    Hi. I had problem with humidity 80 %. Then i use this machine and never go over 40 - 50 . Better buy more expensive to do real job.
  7. Domilee

    Struggling with multiple deficiencies for 3 weeks now. Any help is appreciated!

    This is overwotering and nutrient lock no correct ph. Let them show you when need drink
  8. Domilee

    Start flowering cycle week two

    I use it 2 ml per liter and apply every week with watering time. Just you need boost carbs little no to much.
  9. Domilee

    Start flowering cycle week two

    And apply honey one per week
  10. Domilee

    Start flowering cycle week two

    I use first time but my friend lots years and his experience say more much biger colas
  11. Domilee

    Start flowering cycle week two

    I just start flowering stage keep it simple ph water nutrients and honey. Very healthy and growing fast.
  12. Domilee

    Help? First grow autos and photos

    thats nutrition burn 100%
  13. Domilee

    Help please

    Its indoor 4x4 cfl 150 w humid 50-60 temp 25 . Air circul. Fans fan extract. Nutris and ph 5.5-6
  14. Domilee

    Help please

    But leaves look like blisters it is normal?
  15. Domilee

    Help please

    do you know what going on. All set up good nutrients humidity ph light
  16. Domilee

    What going on?

    hi . I am frist time grower i have humidity 55 temp 25 degres coco with nutrients 6 ph. I have no idea what is with leafs
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