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  1. Emedix88

    September, Photo Of The Month

    Sinmint Cookies
  2. Emedix88

    August, Photo Of The Month

    purple punch
  3. Emedix88

    Vote For July Photo Of The Month

    Limonene for photo of the month, Sour Larry pebbles respectable photo... As of what I'd like to be smoking right now/i95.
  4. Emedix88

    July, Photo Of The Month

    Thin mints, Bag seed from tlc collective. Outdoor grown.
  5. Emedix88

    Got My Seeds!

    Sinmint cookies, not sure if you guys still interested but didnt mean to leave you guys hanging. Last pack of fems i believe from logic and anywhere i theyre one week from going into flower
  6. Emedix88

    New Drop From Sincity Seeds July 2017

    Gorilla Snacks-Chimp Mints?
  7. Emedix88

    Got My Seeds!

    Thanks man, highly appreciate your communication and freebies. Keep up the good work.
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