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    sour diesel

    $1600/lb organic ommp meds.
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    I guess I'm off ban now..

    good to see you back! that house i was telling you about w/ the nice out-building was RENTED. the morning i came on to PM you, i saw you were banned. I know of another nice spot in yamhill county just over the washington couny border. i'll be down that way this weekend and can shoot you the info...
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    Ever f'd an A-Level(+) porn star/adult model?

    she gave me a special friends discount, 9 bills for one helluva ride. her czech accented english was cute.
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    High Times Ad Rep Pinched in Pot Sting

    there are a thousand wannabe tony montanas in the boroughs that have been waiting for this day to have a chance to step up. i doubt a bud shortage will hit the area, this shit happens all day, every day in the dope game. you guys know that... one man falls, 5 are ready to take his place...
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    My mom's farts (funny story)

    this could have been written about my mom, except her farts ALWAYS sound suuuuuper wet/juicy. every time she rips i swear i fear she just had her first old-lady-pants-shitting experience.
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    Ever f'd an A-Level(+) porn star/adult model?

    i totally smashed... turned out she is a huge toker and loved the RBI (original william's wonder clone outcrossed to 85 oregon blueberry, then BX'd to the willy's) i brought to puff on. we got medicated, she worked out a load w/ her mouth/tits and another with her snatch. also worked me...
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    Whatcha Puffin

    98 aloha white widow, dynamite (local OR med cut), blackberry, exodus cheese, ecsd, vintage NL5
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    anyone here running m39

    skunk1 x nl5 aka basic5 = m39
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    Ever f'd an A-Level(+) porn star/adult model?

    exactly, tk! my time is nearly priceless to me, so to be able to creep on my old lady with a woman who is, in my opinion, highly shagable, without having to deal with the bullshit of spending hours in some shitty club playing dumb kiddie hip-hop and smelling like booze all the while pretending...
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    Ever f'd an A-Level(+) porn star/adult model?

    and anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool. big ups, dynamite. :cool0019:
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    Ever f'd an A-Level(+) porn star/adult model? $1200/hr don't "need" to do it, but i'd never otherwise be in a position to stick it in her (pun intended) and...
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    Looking for a fram/few acres outside portland

    sign was down for a bit on the place i was talking about but noticed it was up again this morning. i'll get you that info tonight when i go back over that way.
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    Ever f'd an A-Level(+) porn star/adult model?

    was presented with an opportunity to secure time with a very good looking, super freaky girl who makes movies of an adult nature. time like this obviously does not come cheap, so i was wondering if any farmers have, in the past, shelled out $$ for porn pussy, and if so...was it worth it?
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    Whatcha Puffin

    hell fucking yes. wish it were in .25# bags in my grower's goody box, though!
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    All things considered, what is the best glass shop in Portland, OR?

    best ive found is the hotbox in beaverton. *shrug*:hi:
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    Whatcha Puffin

    currently puffing on DOA (unknown local med cut of a mystery trinity cross), '85 oregon blueberry, MLB (renamed original williams wonder cut), RBI ( forgot the lineage, MLB cross... maybe to DJs bb?), aloha kush ( pre-98 bubba x hawaiian haze dad) and some purple rhino (purple pheno of...
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    Looking for a fram/few acres outside portland

    yeah bro, no problem. i'll drive by today and shoot you a PM.
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    Looking for a fram/few acres outside portland

    there is a 3br house w/ a 24 x 48ft shop building on the property for rent in aloha, just east of hillsboro, for $1100/month. shop is in good shape, suitable electric service, etc. the place is also for sale so you might be able to work out a rent/lease-to-own situation.
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    ALien , Just Alien with NO cross. Where can I get it?

    you're nearly there, crombien. the breeder can name their creations whatever they'd like. hell, he could have called the plant "cunt bud", but when listing the pedigree the mom goes first, dad second. so alien#4, when listed w/ pedigree should show " alien #4 (chem4 x alien tech.)".
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    where on earth can i purchase a SYN tube online, right now

    cannot find a source! any help? thanks brothers and sisters!
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