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  1. Dr.stickerdick

    Fox Farm Happy Frog Fox Farm Trio Nutes Black Indica Help Me!!

    You have your feed numbers wrong. 3 big bloom. 2 grow big is correct. Please check your numbers, plus the soil is plenty hot could use only water for now. Peace
  2. Dr.stickerdick

    Sulfur As A Terpene Enhancer

    Good to see you posting dextro,. I have had the FPE Thread in my favorites for easily five years, awesome results. Every connoisseur should try them. Peace brother
  3. Dr.stickerdick

    Flowering Stage

    Why is this in the infermary section ?
  4. Dr.stickerdick

    Oregon Dept Of Ag

  5. Dr.stickerdick

    Panama Red X Ssh

    Anyone grow out Panama Red x SSH ? Curious if it truly goes 15 wks.
  6. Dr.stickerdick


    sorry for delay in responding been doing 12's . The separate structure needs a grounding electrode, and the ufer is excellent. the neutral & ground can't connect at the sub. the ground & neutral must only connect @ the source( main panel or disconnect). if something goes wrong past sub...
  7. Dr.stickerdick


    I think you should look at 250.38(A) (1). Just because it works doesn't mean it is right OR safe. Peace
  8. Dr.stickerdick

    Incorporating The Deceased

    Very sorry for your loss. ! Must say however, you've done a really beautiful thing to keep her with you. Was her name Marry or Jane ? Merry Christmas, enjoy your most bountiful harvest, this go round. Peace
  9. Dr.stickerdick

    If you have chemistry questions....

    Thanks for answering. I went ahead and made what appears to be pretty good parmesan cheese. I had been reading from 2012 or so on here about B.I.M. & E M-1 etc. And within these formulas was a byproduct said to be fed to animals to aid digestion. I extrapolated it could as well make yogurt...
  10. Dr.stickerdick

    If you have chemistry questions....

    Squiggly, I've been searching and searching for this. When making E M inoculant from rice water serum and milk, what is the curd that is taken off the top after several days? Is it yogurt? Of the over two dozen instructions for making Essential Micronutrients { E M } they all seem to be...
  11. Dr.stickerdick


    why did you use 12 / 3 ?
  12. Dr.stickerdick


    Look at your equipment name plate for amps. / volts. This is your power consumption. The resistance of the wire from the service panel to the receptacle or disconnect is virtually zero. The resistance IS from the electric utilization device. Most of these questions and answers on here prove...
  13. Dr.stickerdick


    BCrocker, your's has had me scratching my head. Where do you get 113 A ? 25 KVA single phase tranny @ 480v. = 156 amps. @ 240v. = 312 amps. With 75 KVA three phase @ 480 v.= 94 amps, with 240 v.= 181 amps. Peace...
  14. Dr.stickerdick

    Why is marijuana illegal when cigarettes and alcohol are much inferior?

    Cannabis has not been illegal for 100 years . The Marijuana Tax Act was in the 1930's, that's point one. Point two , lets move this thread to Smokers Lounge where it belongs. Peace
  15. Dr.stickerdick

    120/240v ballast plugs

    I wish people would stop using three wire ( hot- hot- ground) dryer outlets for feeding a sub pannel. You should only use four wire (hot- hot- neutral- ground) outlets. Failure to do so causes a neutral to ground bond in the sub pannel which can put unwanted current on metal grounded surfaces...
  16. Dr.stickerdick

    Dolomite lime help

    Better check again. Epsom Salts has NO calcium.
  17. Dr.stickerdick

    Burping in Mason Jars Help???

    Before jarring, did you let it dry? If so , how & how long? As they need to dry before going in the jars.
  18. Dr.stickerdick

    seed sexing

    Go back and READ. All of your questions are asked and answered. Peace
  19. Dr.stickerdick

    450kw large medi grow....chicken barn

    Three phase 480 v, 1000 w use about 2.4 amp will probably need minimum 2000 amp service or bigger , you'll need the power company involved most likely. Better have DEEP pockets, $ $ $ $
  20. Dr.stickerdick

    3 phase power, fuses, & balancing the amps

    You do not know what you have until you measure it in your pannel. Phase to phase to phase to ground to neutral. The pannel that supplies your space is to be available to you, legally and by code. There are several three phase voltage set-ups, you need to know what you have and maybe find a...
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