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  1. true grit

    Og Kush lemon Larry

    @friend Yeah thats more what i was looking for outta these beans and didn't find it. I think ive actually smoked the cut you are talking about and kind set the standard for lemon larry, also ran f2's from manic that were much better than this pack.
  2. true grit

    Og Kush lemon Larry

    Bummer, well if it makes ya feel any better I recently went through a pack original Lemon Larry from Elite and didn't find shit either. lol
  3. true grit

    who is using CMH in a larger room or....

    So no more than a 3x3 in veg? I was hoping they might cover more than a 4ft t5 in veg. How far above canopy in veg can they be? Looking for a little more intensity in veg without going to 600/1kw mh
  4. true grit

    Banana Og / Chiquita Banana

    Yeah i could definitley get banana nut from the nug I smelled. I should be flowering a test plant of banana pretty soon, ill throw up some pix when I do. Ill try to remember when i pop the MCC as well. Sour Banana Larry sounds fire! Glad to see those projects are shaping up for ya. I ended...
  5. true grit

    Banana Og / Chiquita Banana

    I actually snagged my MCC from here but dont see anymore left. I dont get around to buying seeds much lately so not sure where to look. Damn 30% on the chiquita huh? I smelled some finished banana from a cat other day and could see where folks get the banana peel/sweetness from but not quite...
  6. true grit

    Banana Og / Chiquita Banana

    @thunderfudge damn ill have to get those mint choco chips going. Sound tasty. Banana creams sound tasty too. I need to hit animal to the banana og sometime in the future. Yup ran through lemon larrys and didnt find what i was looking for really. Think they looked/smelled more like Sour Chem...
  7. true grit

    Banana Og / Chiquita Banana

    Damn does he have those up anywhere or just testers? I asked about c&c f2's and then saw the new c&c crosses as well...looks fire! Bout to start some Mint Choco Chips...ran those yet? And to OP- Ive heard that Chiquita and Banana OG are different plants, with Chiquita being a bit more banana...
  8. true grit

    = The BEST OG Kush Clone Only=

    Tellin ya @GrowMaster, our homie @EveryOneSmokes smokes is the man! Great guy and showed the utmost love and kept me lit when I was out west!!
  9. true grit

    Where To Find Elite Flowers In Denver?

    Good luck man. I know you are looking for certain strains and may find them in some dispos but overall the quality will be hit or miss vs. good private weed. And most the folks with those legitimate cuts who know how to rock em aren't associated with dispos.
  10. true grit

    = The BEST OG Kush Clone Only=

    Its a good thing she is with the current legalization movement. Hopefully those that do have her keep her as locked as possible. Smoked the Hollywood PK as well and not the same cut like i originally thought, but similar. They must be s1's of each other or another PK OG.
  11. true grit

    = The BEST OG Kush Clone Only=

    i agree. Pure OG flavor with extra earthy/fruit tones. And IMO more potent than most.
  12. true grit

    = The BEST OG Kush Clone Only=

    SFV OG almost done
  13. true grit

    Secound Opinion Please! Organic Soil Grow! Help Please!

    Ok so I'm gonna be a bit different than everyone here. First RO is fine, but I still use an additive of some sort to bring ph to the 6.5-6.8 range. Don't worry about run off, just worry about input ph. When you start adding tap you begin adding in excess things to an already amended soil that...
  14. true grit

    = The BEST OG Kush Clone Only=

    @waayne man that HB is just amazing...I see you nipped that low yield thing in the butt real quick!! ;)
  15. true grit

    = The BEST OG Kush Clone Only=

    Heres an SFV shot... little bright. Still several wks to go
  16. true grit

    Ohio Clone named Afghani Mango

    Is it a haze?
  17. true grit

    Chosen Few Seed Co.

    Got all three of those packs mentioned but still havent popped any. Not much feedback on em. Tried a sample of screamin OG waaaaay back when it was very tasty
  18. true grit

    Sour Banana Sherbert

    Looking forward to how these shake out for ya, sounds like a tasty cross
  19. true grit

    Stardawg & Onycd

    @Tnelz got any pix of your onycd pheno?
  20. true grit

    Butane Illegal To Use At Home In Co For Making Concentrates

    I dont think this is the intention, I think more so the intention is to focus everybody into the tax scheme. Cant make your own hash legally? Well go to one of the many outlets that can.
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