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    C99 x Grape Romulan

    Sweet Zoo! by the looks of her bet she goona be a beast on yeild...Nice work!!!
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    The Giesel,DUD and some Sfv..

    they are some Beuties for sure, Awesome job DX!
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    Tahoe Og from seed..

    they are looking Killer DX! gonna be some dank meds...
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    Rounders KKSCS1/UltraSonja/Ape Grow

    was not sure about the cutting so never ran just tossed it.
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    I Fought The Jones And I WON!

    Congrats FF!!that is a great thing....
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    Tahoe Og from seed..

    Sweet Darkside!,the little ones are looking Good,look forward to the Show, Great Start and Good luck on the Rest of the Grow...
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    Gorilla Grape dried budshot

    Looks Dank! Great Job Logic.....
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    Gopher problems outdoor

    get some Gopher Getter at Home Depot. Get Stick or something Pointy and poke the area were the dirt comes up find tunnel path, pour the Gopher getter in.. but if you are next to a hill areas you cant get rid of them, just try to keep up and do your best.hope this helps ya.
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    Bay Area Clones

    check out purple heart when they have clones in the always have P.U
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    she sure is Sweet..Hope ya enjoy the smoke,again Great job...
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    So Cal Master Kush x The White

    She sure looks Tastey... Great Job purkle!
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    potluvr's 3 strain grow!

    Sweet!!!!Good luck!!!your oh so right on that puckadc...
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    she sure is a looker:)!!!!
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    potluvr's 3 strain grow!

    Good job Buddy! Sounds if everything working out sweet...
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    they all look great, that first one swelling up with a maddness sweet.
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    potluvr's 3 strain grow!

    Sweet!!Up grades are always nice,sorry to hear about the kushberrys,yeah coco can be senstive to over watering alot salt build up, it help to give regular water every other watering or so...everything really took off Huh? keep up the good work....about to take me a morning hit also mind if i...
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    Sweet!!! love gals with fat ass....
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    Sweet,she got fat.....and penty of color,it is so big almost has a head the size of a rino,, that calio looks fat also love the taste and smell of the calio, the MLB needs to give those 2 a piss test..lolGreat Job Bro!!!!!!
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    New member-nice to meet you all

    Welcome to the Farm Raz, Hope ya enjoy your stay..
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    potluvr's 3 strain grow!

    Sweet!!!cant wait to see some Bud porn....:)
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