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  1. DemonTrich

    Gg #4

    And i had him on ignore, from that thread, so nothing showed up. He drove me crazy! Lol
  2. DemonTrich

    Gg #4

    It was a joke, Hence the lol in there. If you go back to the many lino posts, the bitcoin especially, wtf is he rambling about. And in many other threads.
  3. DemonTrich

    Gg #4

    By all means translate away. Lol My 12+ 4yrs (technical school, not ivy league college by any means) of school never taught me that stuff.
  4. DemonTrich

    Cannacon Detroit This Weekend

    PM me your info.. I'm in the market for just that
  5. DemonTrich

    Cannacon Detroit This Weekend

    This is a business expo, not a cannabis cup. That will be the weekend of june 9th iirc
  6. DemonTrich

    Vpd Latest Research Contradicts 30-40% In Flowering Rh?

    FUCK AN and that bish ass phedophile Mike! Now that that's out of the way. I follow VDP from veg thru week 4 in flower only.
  7. DemonTrich

    Cannacon Detroit This Weekend

    Anyone going to the cannacon expo this weekend? I'll be heading there friday, my only day to go. Anyone wanna go friday? I'll drive, or we can meet there. No med card needed for entry.
  8. DemonTrich

    Gg #4

    Ypu may have been here since 2004, but none of your posts make any damn sense or can be comprehended by anyone but yourself.
  9. DemonTrich

    Cannatonic #4 Hp Pheno And Pineapple Chunk

    Dunno. I get a small amount of fox tailing, but those look like seed pocs. Break it up with your fingers. Most likely their small and green, I dont think their brown yet.
  10. DemonTrich

    Gg #4

    Sorry The real OG gorilla glue 4 IS and always will be a clone only cut. All others are fake ass imposters. S1 are not the legit Clone only gg4
  11. DemonTrich

    Monster Cookie Beans!!??

    Give them a try, the bag seed in question. Who knows, you may end up with one that doesn't herm, and she can be a keeper.
  12. DemonTrich

    Most Efficient Method For Increasing Humidity

    I used their 80mm waterproof fan and their speed controller (voltage controller) to adjust the RH. I always have 3x temp/rh gauges hung canopy height in all rooms. I go by what those say.
  13. DemonTrich

    Monster Cookie Beans!!??

    True There are exceptions and freaks of nature. I had a hermie strawberry cream douche my gg4. The gg4 seeded. I found aboutn50 seeds. Dried them, waited a few weeks, then germinated them. Every dn one of them.hermied at week 2.5.
  14. DemonTrich

    Boveda Humidipak 62% For Curing.

    No.broveds packs do NOT cure or replace burping. The packs are ONLY good for long term storage, and or ONLY after your done burping your flowers down to 50-55% max rh that has been stable for 24+ hrs.
  15. DemonTrich

    Monster Cookie Beans!!??

    If their from.bag seed, let's think about how those seeds came about. Scenario 1 Light leak or grower error forced said plant to hermie, this producing hermie seeds. Scenario 2 Super late harvest, plant thought only way to save its genetics were to harm and make hermie seeds. Chances are...
  16. DemonTrich

    What Made You "face Palm" Today?

    Going to pull a harvest down. Before I go, I always ask do you have any bugs. No I was told. Walked down and seen the good old white spotted fans with spider mites. Glad I always do an inspection before bringing my gear inside. They forefitted their deposit as well. Albeit only 50.00 to...
  17. DemonTrich

    Dark Spots On Yellowing Cannabis Leaves. Need Help!

    Looks like a cal-mag issue possibly Lots of folk enjoying the holiday weekend.may ne a slow weekend
  18. DemonTrich

    Sealed Grow Room Issues

    7oz from 5 plants? Yikes, that's horrible. I'm a sealed room grower. Take a peak at the many flower threads I have posted. I have specific details posted. Even in 3g pots, you should net dry at least 1oz per gal minimum. I never ever ever bring in fresh air. Ever. Sealed means that, sealed.
  19. DemonTrich

    Clones Of The Same Plant Looking Very Different.

    Cutting from the same plant, reguardless ir, middle, or bottom, will ALL exhibit exactly the same out come. However, different placement 8n room, feeding, temps, can all alter the outcome
  20. DemonTrich

    What Is The Best Way To Get Hair Out Of Ur Buds.

    A brush? Lol If its ground up herb, with hair you may be able to just pick out the hair. If its ground up hair, I dont think there's any way to remove it.
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