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    High Yielding Medical Strains?

    Increase your veg time. It's hurting your yeilds.
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    Legal-Marijuana Advocates Focus on a New Green

    Hmmm. I wonder why the cops aren't supportive? Maybe, because half of them would lose their jobs, a shitload of funding, and they would actually have to go out and arrest real criminals.....which could be dangerous. Man, it will sure suck when they can't pull a guy over find a couple grand...
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    Root Bound?

    Franti tackled it.
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    Canoeing leaves (cupping up)

    It think it's the temps coupled with low humidity. Just because your sensor says 83, doesn't mean the leaf temps are the same...leaves are dark...your sensor is more then likely white....and your sensor doesn't measure radiant temps...just the ambient temp. Lower your temps to 80 see if that...
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    Lemon Skunk - DNA Genetics

    Wow, a 6 on a seed company why would you even release suck a weak strain. Awesome report!
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    Dr Candyman's Revenge

    Thats terrible news CandyMan! I'm glad your in one piece and if you ever need anything just let me know. I don't quite have the collection you used to, but it's decent.
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    help in nevada plllease

    Actually, Montana recognizes other states medical cards.
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    Doktor Doom? Anyone tried?

    Unfortunately, yes and they work! Just don't let them spray on your plants or it will burn them! So when you crack it, make sure the fog is spraying away from your plants. You'll have a much higher success rate if you fog on a regular basis and use other methods to keep your plants free of...
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    Leaves Curling

    Either it's too cold, over-watering, watered with cold water, or a disease....possibly a combination of one or more those. It's also possibly caused by low light conditions. Any of these ring a bell?
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    Environmental Controllers that run 220 equipment???

    I know you can use your AC with a controller. In fact, I had a room wired for a 6 ton unit and had everything setup to run off of an EC. I had it explained to me once, but I forgot. I will find out for you. As-far-as my problem goes, I talked to some people and amazingly I was on the...
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    Environmental Controllers that run 220 equipment???

    I've looked and cannot find an environmental controller to run a 220v AC unit. The only thing I can figure out is to have an electrician build me a relay (similar to a light relay except with only one outlet) and plug the trigger cable into a regular environmental controller. I don't see why...
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    Is this a Cal def? Pics!

    When in doubt, flush it out. Those look heavily fed, if anything your locking them out or it's nutrient toxicity. My second guess would be a heat issue of some kind.
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    i stand corrected, 24 hr veg rules!!

    Bottom line is plants grow when the lights are on....24hrs is best. You might be paying more, but your vegging time is shorter, so they cancel each other out.
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    Zilvermist and Kaligria from All-Star Genetics

    Preflowers will pollinate other preflowers....I've made seeds on vegging plants before, just screwing around. They germinated fine too. It would probably be best to keep your males in their own room.
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    co 2 and headstash

    IMO, anything you do to increase a plants weight is going to diminish potency.
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    is this a mail?!!?

    It's a mail all right! haha Just poking some fun. You can smoke males, but I don't think you would enjoy it much or get high. Looks like it's back to the drawing board, but your learning, so on the positive side your one step closer to your dream garden! Keep your chin up and like the peeps...
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    i need help im 25 days into flowering, spider webs

    Bomb those girls...seal your room and fire off a pyrethrin bomb.
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    Bay Area Outdoor 2010

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    Jack's Under Current Grow 60 x 1000 watts 20 tons of AC and some CO2

    Where's the Bose surround sound? You know the ladies like to jam out right?
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    No buds (almost)

    You have to be vigilant bro. Check on your room regularly until you have shit nailed down. Make sure your lights turn on and off when they are supposed to. Make sure you have no light leaks in your room during the dark cycle. Stay out of your room during the dark cycle too, unless there is...
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