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  1. nurlord

    Bad Seeds?

    Bro this has been explained to you above, that's not Reeferman's website. Reef couldn't copyright the name for the purpose of selling seeds. Anyone can put up a seedsite using another company's name in terms of Cannabusiness. He said as soon as the law allows he will fight for his name. Also the...
  2. nurlord

    Bad Seeds?

    Funny when I ordered I wanted the Tuna but they said it wasn't anywhere near as good as the Black Tuna. The guy said he felt Reeferman had lost his touch and that their in house breeders were doing a better job. I disagree. I wish I would have know that Reef had nothing to do with the breedings...
  3. nurlord

    Bad Seeds?

    I've grown out some of their gear myself thinking they were legit. The Cherry Bomb was decent. The Harmony good. I think that one is crossed with something though. I've grown real Harmony and it wasn't as stretchy as the fakes. Their GTK is bunk, and their black tuna was bunk. The one they...
  4. nurlord

    Reeferman...jihadi Kush Grow Journal

    He's not doing seed sales right. He's working overseas. There's a fake Reeferman selling knock offs, beware.
  5. nurlord

    Fruity Pebbles Og / Med-man Bed Grow

    Thanks for sharing. Curious as to what you mean by you made the strain? How did Alien get them?
  6. nurlord

    Cherry Bomb Indica

    The name was definitely a reference to cherry the fruit. Cherry Bomb generally smells like cherries.
  7. nurlord

    Resin Seeds Sour P 61 Days

    I have done three Sour P grows. Always from seed. I always start 5 and always end up with one plant going into flower. The mother I keep always dies. Every time. I'm not blaming the genetics at all. The germ rates are fine but I personally only ever manage to get one into flower. This has...
  8. nurlord

    Quick Delivery

    I'm not sure what's going on with a lot of these seedbanks lately but it seems like only Thcfarmer is shipping quickly and getting me my product in a timely manner. I appreciate the respect for my money and my time. P.S Bitcoin option and promo is outstanding. Very quick, very anonymous.
  9. nurlord

    Purple Congo Kush Harvest Pics

    I think these are over ripe cut at 68 days, but looked done at around 40.
  10. nurlord

    Resin Seeds Sour P 61 Days

    I believe they say it's an S1 of the Sour P strain which is a clone only composed of Sour Diesel and HP13. That being said other than Resin Seeds I've never heard of a clone only called Sour P. With all the years this strain has been available you'd think at least one person holding the original...
  11. nurlord

    Resin Seeds Sour P 61 Days

    Smells tasty too. Can't quite describe it. Fried meat or deep fryer oil.
  12. nurlord

    Loud Seeds Aj's Sour Diesel Day 61

    Right there with you man. Love Sour D. I'll keep an eye open for them.
  13. nurlord

    Loud Seeds Aj's Sour Diesel Day 61

    Looks like it'll be done before the 77 day mark but I think I'll take it that long anyway. I've never grown the clone but I must say all the Sour D lines I've grown have a smell I equate with coffee.
  14. nurlord

    Resin Seeds Sour P 61 Days

    About 16 days to chop.
  15. nurlord

    Purple Congo Kush (looking Done @45 Days)

    I bought a pack of Purple Congo Kush fems back in February. Received 7 seeds only got two to germ. Germination conditions were less than ideal so I can't complain, but 5/5 Raspberry Kush from Cannaventure and 7/8 Malberry's Drakensberg Gold germed in the exact same conditions. Of the two...
  16. nurlord

    Peyote Purple

    reports are that it can be a slow vegger. Check the long ass thread on IC. Great info there.
  17. nurlord

    Cherry Bomb Indica

    Thanks for the reply bro!
  18. nurlord

    Cherry Bomb Indica

    @Orcaman you'll love those Cherry Bomb plants. Very sweet cherry smell. Did you get those with the two for one bitcoin promo or did you mean the $80 promo?
  19. nurlord

    Is Anybody Using Mars Hydro Led Grow Light Now?

    Interesting, there's a thread hundreds of pages long on another forum with no complaints. Guess I need to do more research.
  20. nurlord

    Reeferman Harmony...tlo

    Beautiful strain. Did you happen to get the fruit punch pheno? Loved that one.
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