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    Feeding mothers before cloning?

    We've always heard that feeding a mama with bloom nutes(higher P) before taking clones would help rooting. Cant say ive found that to be true, but DID find that taking cuts from a mama using high EC with lotsa N would slow the rooting some. I agree that the most important thing is to have a...
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    whats goin on?

    Yes, thats heat damage. Remember that damaged leaves take a couple/few days to show the damage...unless its really severe, then it will show up sooner and do more harm. The heat damage you have isnt REAL bad, but you need to keep the light farther away from the tops. FYI, If you do...
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    HUH??what's with the holes?

    Yeah man, you should see some stoned bugs out there somewhere. If you find any em'. Good protein AND a buzz at the same time. HAHA, kidding, dont eat them.
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    yellow/brown crispy mature leaves, and curling young leaves

    Not terrible looking. They look like young plants. Could those lower leaves have been damaged thru recent transplanting? If this condition is spreading upward we need to figure this out. You say the EC is at 5? I hope you meant .5 Your PH should be allowed to fluctuate between 5.5 and 6.5...
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    pre-Flower Help

    I MIGHT have seen a female pre-flower, but i dont think they have developed yet. Maybe closer pics would help if you think there is something to see. Good luck
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    Ph ppm

    put up or shutup Heres the 'put up' part. This clone was one of those we planted on 6-29. Roots are growin' like a mfer, and have already filled the 5" pots of hydroton and are growing out the drain holes. Anybody see any health issues? No....thats cause there aint any. :mooning
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    Ph ppm

    Dudes....why all the hating? This is not bad advice. We have done it this way for yrs. True enought that my room is dialed in and we have been using the same strain for yrs, so it MAY NOT apply to everyone, but i'd bet none of you folks are willing to actually try it out. I dont mean to soak the...
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    First Grow - Heating Problems; Anyone Help?

    Since you mentioned being in a hot place, i gotta think the house is air conditioned? Any way to divert some cool air from a duct into the grow space? Maybe you could fashion some sort of hood to fit over a register or maybe run a temporary duct from the central air ducting. Yeah, a 600 is...
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    friends crop seeding at or 7 weeks?

    There isnt much that can be done if the seeds are already forming. Just let the buds ripen as normal, and treat it like any seeded commercial bud and shuck out the seeds before smoking. You never know...those seeds might be holy grail of strains. More likely they will also be hermies too, and...
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    Cheese G-bomb el Ninio Help

    Bigger pots, and better soil would help right away. Are you ONLY foliar feeding? They would benefit from root feeding too. 20" is too far away with the floros, they should be as close as possible without burning the leaves, and thats normally a couple/dew inches. All in all, not looking...
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    help!!! the leaves on the top of my plant are turning up

    That sure looks like heat damage to me. Lockouts or deficiencys dont show up overnite. I know you said temps are good, but that looks like heat damage that started from a few days ago. Is it only on the upper leaves?
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    When is it time to move my 4x4 RW cubes to hydroton?

    Whenever the younguns are rooted you can put them in the 'big girls' system. Dont bury the rockwool deep, it holds a lot of water, while the hydroton dosent. We found that rockwool buried deep in hydroton can create some root rot issues in the summers heat. If your bucket system is ebb/flo...
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    Maximum room temperature?

    Foxtailing of colas, bleaching leaves, airy buds, hermism, these are the stuff we notice when its consistently over about 90deg.
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    Talk to me about complete darkness

    We've had strains that would hermi easily from small light disruptions, and some that wont hermi with the light and tv all on in the next room with an open door. I believe that several types of envrionmental stress can cause plants to hermi, one of them is light poisioning. We also believe...
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    molded seed advice

    You might try to add two drops of household bleach to a quart of water, and use that water to germ the next time. The bleach will kill the mold spores before they can do their own germination, but basically, once you see mold, youre seeds are toast.
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    Ph ppm

    Just planted some tiny clones three days ago, and started them at 900PPM and PH of 5.8. They are almost jumping outa the hydroton with good health. PPM has risen to 1050 as of this morning, and they still want more. I suppose this is maybe another nute whore strain, tho, and must be...
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    Curing and early sampling?

    Its SO much better after a couple months cure that you might think its a different type. We have our own jars of well cured meds that only comes out for personal use.
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    Ph ppm

    Start clones/seedlings somewhere around 700/900ppm, then maybe work up to 1300ppm if the strain can handle it late in veg. Some strains like heavy feeding, some dont. For PH, start clones/seedlings around 6.0 in veg. In veg, we have the best results if we allow the PH to fluctuate between 5.5...
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    heat from lites will dehumidify the air near the bulbs more that what the actual room humidity is. I'd rely more on what the dehumidifier says because its likely a more accurate reading for the room rather than the place below the lites. Carefull you dont dry the leaves TOO much. If the leaf...
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    Hummmm.....removable bottoms might be something to think about during the long hours we all stare at the girls. I wonder if maybe just cutting the bottoms off a few pots/bags might work as an experiment to see if it will do the job. Good thinkin'. We have some 5" pots from 3 different...
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