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    My Dream Cross. Whats yours?

    my stabilized hindu kush x blackberry (blue x black afghan) crossed to cherry pie (clone-only). same male x'd to girl scout cookies clone, larry og, plushberry and white fire og. heri x white fire og when i get space :)
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    kens gdp??

    its probably erkle or just turns purple and smells kinda fruity to be honest. The leaves are way to skinny for some gdp.
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    What breeder to choose?

    I think their issues are all in the past, just my opinion. I had never had an issue but i know they've definitely sent lots of replacement packs out.
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    Who can get me seeds

    That place in the UK thats in the front cover of every weed magazine is a pretty good place to cop seeds from... and as far as breeders, going down their list... Ace, alphrakronik, cali connection, cannabiogen, dj short, dna genetics, karma, mr nice, reserva privada, resin, soma, tga subcool...
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    what the heck did I just make?

    If you are new to smoking blunts id say a swisher sweet is in order, and since it is assumed you're smoking some dank with oil on it, id suggest the original flavor. IMO the flavored sweets are better for low quality herb to actually disguise the taste and smell from the smoker. Like motherlode...
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    My Og is 25%-28% THC Consistant

    28% THC means nothing to patients I talk to, they want something more like 15THC, 5CBD or vice-versa, or they dont even care they just want the right terpin profile to meet their needs. I read through about 5 pages, LOL, figured id get my post count up it sounds like thats what the guy who...
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    Deep Purple ( Sub )

    You are on the right track for sure, anything with some Pre-98 in the mix is gonna purple on you without a doubt. And I too have been eyeing the royal purp, lol. On another note, I have tons of respect for Subcool`s gear simply from experience. Querkle, Qrazy Train and Plushberry all purp`d up...
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    Seeds vs Clones

    A clone gifted from a highly respected grower, like a clone-only, personal cross or extremely rare phenotype, can mean more than any seeds you can buy to some growers. However, I prefer seeds myself as do most people I know who are looking to grow personal smoke or do any breeding at all...
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    LED Brand

    Not trying to push the Lumigrow on you folks and I'm in no way associated with them but I have seen many side by side tests with the LG330 and others, most popoular is the HGL345, and it outperforms every time. It is $400 or so more but it is just built right, easy to use and packs more power...
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    kens gdp??

    Also, in an interview Ken claims that he was gifted his grandaddy from a group of natives he helped out in Northern California who had been back crossing a Purple Afghani brought to Cali by some Vietnam war vets. He also says that "Thai" and "Buddha" were brought back by them and I think he...
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    kens gdp??

    A lot of mixed reviews on "Ken's" GDP come from people pretending they got the clones from a legitimate source when they are really going off of some buddy's word. This strain smells, heals, and is everything that you hope it will be. I grew up smoking this strain as well as God's Gift...
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    LED Brand

    LumiGrow ES-330 or 165 @, 165 is just half the 330, and is less than half the price.
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