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    Coca-Cola Steamroller

    Nice !
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    ** Stiffy **
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    Thank You Greenpeace! My Gimp will never again...

    Xd lmao
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    They got me!!!!!!!!

    ROFL.... Glad to hear da good news... 456... lols
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    New Grower, Needs help... Plant issues

    so how can it be that one plant is over-fed and the other is under-fed ? what feed regimen should i go after i finished watering (only) ?
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    New Grower, Needs help... Plant issues

    hi again the runoff from the plants is kinda green / brown so i cant really tell the color with the indicator, i watered with a high 7.5 ph (non balanced tap water) to a point where it ran off, things are kinda the same at least it didnt get much worse, i have 4 plants, two of them are...
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    New Grower, Needs help... Plant issues

    i only have color ph indicator. cant help me measure the soil. as of yet plants showing signs of over-fert. some new signs also like yellow-brownish dots on leaf edges and major yellowing of lower plant leafs, today i watered with a ph of 7+ trying to balance the ph level. im giving it a...
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    New Grower, Needs help... Plant issues

    i watered the plants once , no flush just water, ill adjust the ph to ~6.8 ill try measuring the runoff ph just to have a clue, next time ill water again no nuts, and report back beginning of next week Hoo-Rah
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    New Grower, Needs help... Plant issues

    yeah i've been feeding them about twice a week didnt see any signs of over-fert until last two weeks ill wash them the next two times. thank you for your help !
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    New Grower, Needs help... Plant issues

    thank you all for your kind replies , specially HDN and Seamaiden ! ill add some info about my grow first : as i said im using Flora grow from GHE: this is the chart that i followed : (using the TERRA chart)...
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    New Grower, Needs help... Plant issues

    Hey guys, this is my first grow, 4 plants for myself :) the strain which im growing is unknown, got the seeds from a friend. im at 4th week of Flowering as you see, white hairs popped out, not visible resins whatsoever. im growing on soil using a 250w HPS. im using GHE nutrients. grow...
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    PLEASE HELP! Intake and Outtake from same window

    hey shmokenapankake, about disguise : take a black screen (net) that looks as closer to fabric or cloth, that could cover the whole window area, nail the net to the upper side of the window, and make sure that it will be at a 45 degree decline from top if you stand outside take a look, you...
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    WARNING! - Heri x Big White freebie from sannie....

    it looks evil man !!!
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    blackberry kush, bubba, cadiliac and lemon og MACROS

    amazing pictures !
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    Grape Ape 360° degree view

    pic of the month !!!!!! respect !
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    1st time Grow: 250w Red CFL micro...

    this thread is great ! im pulling up a chair , good luck with the grow usualsuspect.
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    new movies

    haven't got a chance to see it but FOUR LIONS trailer looks funny.
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    Steppin Up- 4k, 16 plant, DIY recirc buckets, '91 chem

    threads like this reminds me every now and then why i love this forum so much !
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    Marijuana Cheesecake: Good Medicine or Cause for Outrage?

    i'd say Good Medicine
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    Hash sustainability

    me and my friend are arguing about this, for how much time can i store hash without degradation ? what do you think ?
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