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    Casey Jones

    I've grown casey jones and it was one of the best yielding plants in the garden at the time, good commercial strain and when done right it is a very good smoke, but honestly, most of the times I've had it I would rate it as good mid shelf, but I know it was the grower not the strain those times.
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    Agricultural Pollen Extractor used with Dry Ice

    So I just got back from silk screen shop and the measure by thread count per inch not micron, I got a 225 figuring twice thread count puts me about half the micron, maybe??? So how do I figure acual size without a micrometer? Am I guessing about right? They said aqualabs gets 300's but that...
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    Agricultural Pollen Extractor used with Dry Ice

    Got a Q, been trying this the last few weeks and LOVE how easy this is and not too messy either! Been using a 120 or 110 micron and I dont seem to be getting a FULL melt only half melt, is this the size micron and if so what micron should I use? I got a 110 silk screen for like 15 bux and can...
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    When I said alternatives to the questionable pgr's mostly I was refering to 'placo', as it is absorbed through skin and when heated there is possible health risks, its why it is FOR ORNIMENTAL USE ONLY. Not trying to be argumentitive I think this is great info and I do understand these and prob...
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    This is one of the most usefull theads I have come across in a while, I have recently started to understand just how useful these pgr's are and how to properly use them (I now understand why rubber gloves really shoud be use by users of these products, absortion through skin is a danger and how...
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    Knights Templar

    I'm so happy with this strain! She is yielding very well and is smelling like pinapples.. Great job on this one!
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    Herijuana Description

    Would like to know as well, I have a strain I was told was herijuana but it is not looking like I have search on this strain, mine has long spears for buds and it has a pine, sandlewood smell, also looks like its gonna be a 10-12 week strain as well... Sound like a pheno?
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    australian bastard cannabis, mongy weed

    I cant upload photos right now, but I had a strain called 'Duckfoot' that HAD to be closely related to ABC, based on my reseRch back then. Just cause of the unusualness of it, I wish my ex partner hadnt kill it, but oh well. Never finished flowering her, but out of 10 people that saw her in veg...
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    Today I received some spider mites, any advice?

    I can understand the fear of Spider mites, they can be difficult to get rid of and persistent buggers that can destroy a crop much faster than you realize. However, to be so scared of the borg that you won't take genetics because of this fear? That is just silly, I have come to accept that no...
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    hotshot no pest

    I recently walked into a garden and asked to help out, spidermites and Fungus Gnats were an issue pretty bad. Since the infestations were on the high end and only two rooms of six were flowering, I was somewhat lucky because I could used something that could knock the population down till the...
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    Floramite...use it during flowering or no??

    For something so horribly detrimental to human consumption, kinda funny how they DO recommend for TOMATOES.... Don't people consume these once in a while? If it was so horrible why would they not recommend 'ONLY ON ORNAMENTALS' if you should not use on consumables? These are just questions...
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    1 Plant (Ghetto) Closet SCROG

    thx. looking good!
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    Day 56. 20kW Coco, Fire OG, Sykwalker OG, Power and Plat OG. and vile root aphids.

    Master Kush, Bubba, Afghani, most kush strains grow very dense, I also have a Paris Kush that is very dense... Way to rep the good Ol IE! I'm an IE native myself! Born in Fontucky! LOL
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    Mosca C99 BX...

    got a few clones recently, I am looking forward to this strain, was told I have the pineapple cut, that punch one sounds interesting as well.
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    1 Plant (Ghetto) Closet SCROG

    ok, so, final weight.....
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    Whos using H&G Roots Exelerator

    Loved the RE, except the price but at 1ml pg it's really not that bad. I have been using Kangaroots by FF lately and it is great as well, big white fuzzy roots, it is absolutly on par with the RE only $20 quart but they recommend like 10ml per gallon so it really is on par with cost, I use 5ml...
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    New Bulbs = prettier harvests?

    no noticeable different in yield, however the buds were def more frosty, one nug was getting both spectrum on it kinda right in the middle between the HPS and MH and you could see a line of frost right in the middle like a shadow might make, I was trippin' when I saw it, made a believer out of...
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    Micropropigation using Plant Tissue Culture

    Just started looking into this for a larger garden, maybe even doing a clone thing with this idea. How does cost compare between this and cloning traditionally for example sell these before they go into the final resting spot so growera buying can go directly into medium they like to use..
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    New Bulbs = prettier harvests?

    1000% on mh on veg...., if you can, last two weeks of flower use as well and you will see a difference in frosty goodness! PS. Change bulbs at least once a year for best production about every third cycle is what has always been rwcomended
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    Intervals; Fresh weed on a regular schedule

    I too call this a perpetual garden and for the last few years this is how I try to set up most of my gardens like this, so that A: the workload is lighter, but more often/consistent (easier to get 3-4 trimmers every 2-3 weeks than 8-10 every other month) and B: I have smoke every few weeks, it's...
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