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    How to clean hortilux hps bulb

    Yeah Alcohol will work fine. supposedly the finger prints can't hurt it. But I would clean it to be safe. And that is what you get for having friends over... ha ha
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    How big of a clone can I make?

    I wouldnt do the whole branch, but that size is fine... I use dip and grow at the 10x line get 90% plus using it.... I do suggest you scrape about 1 inch all the way around the bottom to promote rooting. If you are working with that big of branches make sure start off with a Y then you will have...
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    humidity dome outside?

    Clones barely need any light, as it is... I run only 14 watts of LED and mine sprout roots like crazy.
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    heat stress or salt build up

    I was going to say it looked like they just wanted more light and maybe the fan was a bit high blowing on them... My hood is usually no more than 6 inches from the tops. But I run a lot of air through my hood and I also have fans blowing from the bottom up and across the tops to keep things nice...
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    who made this lite?

    COuld be Hamilton... That is what I have on my Aquariums.
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    I got a hermie!

    You could easily seed up this set of plants and Could mess up your next round id those flowers open up... Kill it NOW!!!
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    Beating Urine Tests cups made by VARIAN

    Dang Dude... I would think you could hold off for a couple months then you would be home free! Or just one little slip and your locked up? My brother was always doing this kind of stuff and you couldn't tell him different... He spent his entire life in Prison pretty much... Only because of...
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    epsom salt ppms?

    Do you have a meter? just take some clean RO or DI water... Measure the PPM thenPut in some Epsom salt and measure. Now do some math? I don't know where the link is but free bump.
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    first grow and it seems good but i need tips!

    Learn about: Topping Supercropping FIM SCROG Flush DO NOT BE SCARED THIS IS A WEED AND IT WANTS TO LIVE! For your first grow you want to flip to 12/12 early Like if you have clones, let them veg for two weeks then flip, just so you can see what a plant does through the whole cycle...
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    Kool Bottles To Make Bongs Out Of?

    Costco has a tequila bottle in the shape of a Riffle. It is really long, that might be kinda cool. Vox makes a really cool glass bottle too. If you want plastic, I bet disney land has some cool character plastic sippy type bottles, that are sold for rediculous amounts of money at the park.
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    Ebb n Flow

    I love SmartPots especially for flood and drain! I have been using them for over a year and have nothing but good things to say.... between 3 or 5 gallon pots.... Go with the 5 gallon and roll the edges down a little bit to make it a 4 gallon pot. You don't need the pot to be tall especially...
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    Ebb n Flow

    Rockwool stays wet a long time... So you have to be able to program for those intervals. not all timers will work for this. they either flood to long or you can't skip days..... Coco you could probably set up a timer to flood once a day for 5 minutes then bump up to twice or three times a day...
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    Got RIPPED!

    I say go out and buy a GPS tracker of some kind... Put it in one of your potted plants or very deep in the center of the plant where they can't see it. And wait for your plants to grow legs... Then clean up your house or do that first actually. Then go ahead and call the cops on them. They...
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    War Vet Lounge

    I was going to say something... But It would have just started a fight! And I would have meant zero disrespect. I am glad that I was not the only person offended. What we deserve is to pursue our own happiness in our own lives....
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    Silica and Compost Tea?

    Uhhh I would be suprised if you can lower the ph from way up high where silica takes it back down to normal with hygozyme. I used the Bloom Silica and 1mL would make 5 gallons of RO water ph go past 10
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    easy kief tumbler?

    Can you please tell me more about this tumbler. It just looks expensive... ha ha I hope you have options like unfinished wood or blemished models I am down with that!
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    help, green things in seed pods

    THOSE ARE MALE FLOWERS. pick them out
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    Hi all, I am new to this..

    I agree outdoor is more risky, especially if you are new. But take your time look around the farm and get some great ideas. You should be able to answer your new questions by using the search feature and get your questions answered quicker that way. Take it easy and keep your thumb green.
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    Weed with seeds

    We can trade... I will give you all my weed with seeds and you give me equal amounts of top shelf good stuff.
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    Fined for vapin in hotel room

    Might be evidence of any kind of green plant that was stuck to your shoes from the Hallway of a very busy natiional chain hotel. Personally I am not sure what marijuana stems and leaves look like....
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