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    TRC Mary Jane x Sharon Widow by Sky High

    They are looking Delicious babe, already?!! Can't wait to see the rest of the show, and I'm so glad I get to see it in real life, lol. Smells are incredible.
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    TRC Mary Jane x Sharon Widow by Sky High

    Thank you SkyHigh for your generous gift, Chris will for sure do them justice. Chris, its been a long time coming and you have worked hard to get things up and going again. I Love the new room and am excited to see what happens. And I'm excited to see some of dad's old work kicking again...
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    Lonestar & The Texas Resin Company

    Wow Shawk! Looks Dank, thanks for posting that. Its been quite a few years since I tasted/saw that one. Right on
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    Where did Everyone Go?

    I had a feeling that was the MJ's. Dad loved his indicas. Have you ever tried to clone off a plant just finished flowering, and reveg the cutting? Works for us.
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    Where did Everyone Go?

    Looking really nice cool, nice fat chunky nugz there. What strain is that, did you say? I hope you took clones of the MJ F2's. Nice work man.
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    im sick

    No doctor, human illness/germs cannot be passed to a plant. What are your symptoms, praps I can help (you, not your plants)
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    Alaskan Thunderfuck & Blue Satellite 2.2 day 50

    Nice Buddy. I've heard good things about that blue sat, isn't that by breeder steve? Good Job on those my friend.
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    Where did Everyone Go?

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    How to kill your thrips!

    Hey True Grit, nice tip man. And thanks for spreading the knowledge. Right On
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    Sick chick needs some help!!

    Are there any pests in the room? If you don't see flyers, scratch around the top inch or two of medium and look real close to the inside upper rim of your pot. Do you see any whiteish, fast moving crawlers? You said: "She was leading all the plants in growth until about 5 days ago. The...
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    Where did Everyone Go?

    My father, Lonestar, was/is TRC :)
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    Nutrient deficiency? Picture heavy thread

    Tommy did you know you can get the Spectracide at Home Depot? The Bayer Tree and Shrub can be found there as well, both for real cheap. If indeed you do have the aphids, try to think back to that first grow when you got all males. Did you seem to have the same problems as this run? Reason...
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    Where did Everyone Go?

    Thanks for the report cool, I have several of those I'm just itching to pop, Now I'm itching even more...
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    alien vacation

    Thats awesome Buddy, great job, Merit you say? Your not the first to say that, maybe there is something in it being more concentrated than bayer. So that is Cali Connect gear?
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    How did you figure that? Are you quoting some findings in an article online? Interesting... So, I take it you've never eaten bho then, or iso??
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    Nutrient deficiency? Picture heavy thread

    Your welcome Tommy :) I'd use that Spectracide first, its a contact killer. The Imid seems to stay around in the plant longer than the spectracide does. Id Use that second. Also, try to avoid overwatering, if at all possible. You'll wash the chemicals out of the root zone, so the eggs...
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    Coco Redemption - Free at Last!

    'Scribed TF, Can't wait to see your work. Rock on
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    I need help quick

    yes that is a male right there sir, final answer...
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    All or Nothing - First legal grow! And First UC grow 7,200 watt

    Great Job and Most excellent work there my friend. Enjoying ever pic of this thread. Right On
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