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    Electircal Question: 3x1ks on a 240v 20amp breaker?

    With 3000 Watts you will be pulling a little over 13 amps, Voltage is variable from 220v to 240v so work it out with a voltage of 230v and you cant go wrong ! I would use a 16 amp Mcb's instead.
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    Experimental 2KW G13 4' X 8' SCROG

    You need to use these bad boys . I'm currently using 15L ones and it eliminates root bound issue.
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    Organic ph? How do i control it?

    Don't worry started a new thread.
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    Organic ph? How do i control it?

    I would like to ask a this because it's been bugging me and I have been told so many different things ( sorry to hijack), I have been told that you shouldn't ph your water and nutrient if using soil because it should stabalize the ph, just mix your nutes and feed, now is this right because I...
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    Easy growing guide

    Hey where is jah Hoover on this one he knows about canna products, I've used a bit my self mainly rhyzotonic great stuff but I am due to use the pk13/14 myself in soil and was recomended to add to feeds from 5 weeks into flowering onwards, add with Terra flores, start with 1/4 and work up...
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    Cheese&White Lady

    You know that the cheese will pong, just hope the weather keeps up, its poor in London at the mo ! Good luck.
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    Cheese&White Lady

    Oh my god what a monster, who says cheese doesn't yeild well. LoL !!! I'm liking the outdoor tent, is it netted ? How do you get away with that in the uk bro you are brave ! He he. Does the tent diffuse the detail of the plants ? Great grow !!!!
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    600w light in 100w ballast

    Do not use a 600w lamp on a 100w ballast it will burn the ballast out and could cause a fire ! You can only use overated ballasts compared to lamp wattage ie: 1000w ballast you can use and lamp rated at 1k and under, the ballasts should never be overworked ! Hope that made sense !
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    Where to get a good Cal-Mag supplement in th UK or europe

    I use biobizz algimic which is a seeweed extract which acts as a vitality booster, works quite well for me.
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    Free shiz !!!

    Just done mine yesterday but I'm in the uk will they still send it, I got a confimation email saying I was still within the 5k. Will see, how long did it take to arrive after the email ?
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    hanging hps lights verticle

    Sorry everyone but have to say it " Bulbs grow and lamps glow " simples !!!
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    Free Botanicare Sweet (Grape)

    Just emailed them and got a confirmation back still within the 5000, did not think it was still open.
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    Anti mite products - UK - THAT WORK

    4-6 weeks that's long !!!!!!
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    Anti mite products - UK - THAT WORK

    Just a thought but has anyone tried spidermite preditors which they sale in growell and get deliverys on Tuesdays and Thursdays I think, they are ment to eat the mites and then die when there done ? Sounds cool but never used !
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    Yellowing and browning on leaf edge and tips

    To be honest looks like nute burn just over doing it on the feeding, your leafs look very dark and this sometimes is an indication of to much food, not always the case though can also depend on the strain ( correct me if I'm wrong anyone ), I would just give them water for a bit and then start...
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    2 speed in line duct extractor fan

    Hello right the way you had it wired in the picture was fine but is was wired for the minimum speed, if you want it on max speed then move the brown wire you wired in from the red and wire it to black. You will proberly find it was the heat in your grow room that caused the fan to cut out, wire...
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    cleaning your water with fish water drops?

    I used to use it myself alot and it did not cause any harm to my plants but you are better off just leaving the water to sit open for 24 hours so all the chlorine can evaporate.
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    Water PH

    You always adjust your ph after you have mixed your nutes, reason is alot of nutes can raise or even lower your ph.
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    pre-Flower Help

    It is still difficult to see in my view, I would take a cut and see then.
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    Seedbank warning!!!!

    Sorry to here that bro, them sort of fuckers allways get away with it aswell. Hope you get started again soon.
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