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    Jackberry F3 = Only 2 females out of 35 seeds

    Nothing was changed from my last run.
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    Jackberry F3 = Only 2 females out of 35 seeds

    The 2 plants are already in flower.. And they are not big enough to even clone really. They only have a few small branches..I'm hoping Sannie will help me out somehow. 2 fems out of 35 seeds is just plain horrible. I had such high hopes for this strain.. I will probably pull less than 2 OZ's for...
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    Jackberry F3 = Only 2 females out of 35 seeds

    I would clone but I dont have a seperate veg room or lights for a seperate grow area at the moment. And I doubt it was enviromental factors because i'm growing them the same way and in the same place that I grew out my last run of Grapegod and Dynamite ( Next Gen seeds ) and out of 21 seedlings...
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    Jackberry F3 = Only 2 females out of 35 seeds

    I got 2 females out of 35 seeds!!:sign0065: Anyone else have major issues with M/F ratios? Im so very very dissapointed and disgusted. I'm sure this is jsut a "fluke" and is not common with Sannies gear. It just sucks big time because I have NEVER gotten anywhere near this poor of a M/F ratio...
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    sannieshop ship to the USA

    Well, As I said, I am updating with my M/F ratio.. Out of 35 seeds, I have 2 Females and the rest were males! :sign0065:Im literally SICK about this.. I desperately needed to pull a LB this run because I was desperatly needing to move into another house but its definately not going to happen...
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    2k11 First Gur.Grow

    maybe add some cal mag too
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    Oder Control Without Carbon Filter?

    dont waste your money on that one above. The fan isnt strong enough to get the job done. You can get a proper INLINE fan and filter for the same price
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    cheaper bulk ph down?

    I use General Hydropinics PH UP and DOWN to adjust my water after adding nutes before watering also..
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    One timer needs helpful advice for next time

    The soil I see used the most ( and I use also ) is Fox Farms brand.. Either "Happy Frog ( 2.0 CF bags ) or "Ocean Forest" ( 1.5 CF bags ).. Either one is good. If your only going to veg a few weeks and flower then Happy Frog would be a good choice.. You also get .5 CF more for about $2.00...
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    check out this Big Buddha Cheese plant

    WOW.. Thats huge.. At first I thought that building in the background was a house lol.. I was like OMFG that plant has to be at least 15-20 feet tall !! Then I noticed it was a storage shed or something similiar lol.. It took me a second to realize haha..
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    Are You Fat Because You are Being Poisoned?

    Not me. Well, it does annoy me when people text chat online using slang like "Yo magn dis sheet iz ma jamz" etc lol.. But im not a rooty poot anymore maybe that's why.. I'm not to the "Hey you kids, get off of my grass!!" point yet though, haha...However, people that just use poor...
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    Are You Fat Because You are Being Poisoned?

    lol.. thats funny.. New meaning to Fat Farm.
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    cheaper bulk ph down?

    I add it to my soil before planting. Even using a quality soil ( Fox Farms ) I have found that by adding lime to it before using keeps my plants from having problems/issues in the middle of flowering that they would normally have when I didnt add it. Such as PH problems etc.. I use Espoma brand...
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    Are You Fat Because You are Being Poisoned?

    My metabolism is so screwed up I can eat and eat and eat and not gain a pound. I actually am one of the people that wish they COULD gain weight. I used to tend to look at fat people like "look at that fat ass.. He/she must be a real pig and eat all the time".. But I suppose the same way my...
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    harvesting , nest technique

    If your looking through a 30 or more X loop or microscope the milky and amber is very noticable. If you dont see any milky heads at all, I would def wait. It usually takes 1-2 weeks ( this will vary ) from seeing no milky heads untill you will see 75% or more milky heads.. And then another 1-2...
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    Cloudy trichomes at end of week 6?! on Master Kush

    have the pistils turned colors and receeded back up into the calax?
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    New guy help and opions...

    I was in the exact same situation as you my friend. I feel your pain and totally feel where your coming from and your reason for wanting to grow your own meds.Because its the exact same reason I started growing my own. Im sure you will be fine. These forums are a wealth of information so all you...
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    New guy help and opions...

    I havent used those brands of nutes. I have always used the Fox Farm line ( Grow Big and Tiger Bloom ) along with suppliments like cal mag etc.. Let me guess, you bought the kit from High Tech Garden Supply ( HTGSupply ) ? Im sure others will chime in and give there opinions on those nutes but I...
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    Need help determining if its harvest time

    Gotta look at the Thichomes bro.. Or if you havent got a 30x or more powerful loop or microscope ( u can buy a mini batterry powered microscope for around $6.00 online.. If u need a link just ask) the next option ( not nearly as accurate ) is to look at the hairs/pistils. If they are 90%...
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    New guy help and opions...

    I posted my germ method in another thread a few days ago.. Ill copy/paste it below.. Glad to hear you already planned on gettitng the fan and duct to vent that heat because you will most definately need it. I thought I wouldnt need one either on my first grow and I had the same set up as you.. A...
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