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  1. Dr. Detroit

    Harlequin in SoCal?

    Looking for a decent cutting. I'm not very fashionable, but due to business needs I could use this strain. Anyone have any leads?
  2. Dr. Detroit

    Did you hear the booms or see the comet, Thatcher this morning?

    Nothing down here in Orange County. No comet can penetrate the smog, so no fears here.
  3. Dr. Detroit

    She's a cross between the original OG Kush and DJ Short's newer Blueberry. Call it Kushberry at...

    She's a cross between the original OG Kush and DJ Short's newer Blueberry. Call it Kushberry at the moment.
  4. Dr. Detroit

    favorite heirloom tomatoes

    I started out years ago as an amateur tomato breeder. I crossed my grandfather's Mortgage Lifter with a Tula Black from Russia, and that was my best. Japanese black Trufele are nice. Anything hillbilly is tasty. Seed Savers Exchange is the way to go.
  5. Dr. Detroit

    help with first cross (breeding)

    Dixie cups are too small for anything. Upgrade immediately. Newbs tend to Lenny the Bunny to death a lot of the time. Ignore them, they're weeds. Your love is deadly to a living plant that only knows what it needs people...
  6. Dr. Detroit

    med club info

    That's ridiculous advice. Almost every dispensary works on consignment. You bring your product in (at approved times, often by appointment), get approval and agree upon pricing, you receive a receipt, then you return at a set date and collect your donation money. All legal, all legit...
  7. Dr. Detroit

    Tips & Tricks for a Multi-Strain Grow

    Pairing similar-needs plants helps. Heavy feeders with heavy feeders, etc.
  8. Dr. Detroit

    Is my Afghani Kush burning up, or is this a deficiency?

    Inadequate light causes the curl, along with unstable pH. Feed less and add more lighting. Trim for air circulation.
  9. Dr. Detroit

    Strains I have created over the years

    Well, the Sweet Tooth male that I selected was a predominately sativa phenotype, with the stereotypical long nodes, loose buds, and fruity terpene signature. He was of medium height, of stable parentage, had exceptional sisters, and a deep purple hue. Officially ST is about sixty percent...
  10. Dr. Detroit

    Strains I have created over the years

    I developed Betty White. It's a cross between a P1 White Widow mother and a P1 Sweet Tooth father. The ST was chosen on it's incredibly deep purple hue and exceptional flavor (of his sisters), while the WW was one that I worked on myself exclusively for over five years. It's about ninety...
  11. Dr. Detroit

    Please help diagnose problem(Pics)

    Is there any root rot?
  12. Dr. Detroit

    NEW GROW LIGHT Technology!! Induction Lighting & Sulfur Plasma

    We're working with these Tesla-induction-magnetron lights now. Testing so far shows promise in veg, but the bloom cycle is still ongoing.
  13. Dr. Detroit

    Whats Happening to MY Babiesss!!!

    It was under the canopy in the darkest area of the room, right? The plant is naturally shedding that leaf since it doesn't provide enough energy photosynthetically to matter. My guess, anyway...
  14. Dr. Detroit

    UVC and UVB light for mold control and increased trich production

    They're more reliable for expressing coloration in the phenotype than for increasing potency very much. My last test went @ 14.9% under a ten percent UVB concentration overall, while the control plant tested @ 14.0%THC with no UVB supplementation. Not a very big difference at all, but the...
  15. Dr. Detroit

    La Diva...Brown Spots..Cause and Treatment?

    Looks like a magnesium deficiency to me. Nitrogen appears to be deficient too, though. Try bumping your pH up to 6.2 or so for a feeding at the micronutrients may absorb more readily than they have been. Just be sure to adjust back down on the preceeding feeding. With not all elements being...
  16. Dr. Detroit

    Help! Wierd Spots - Manganese?

    Where was that leaf located on the plant? Under the canopy, out of direct light?
  17. Dr. Detroit

    has anyone used advanced nutrients revive

    Need more information for an accurate diagnosis. What pH is your water? Some photoś would help...
  18. Dr. Detroit

    Organosilicone wetting agents

    What are your intentions? Nutrient absorbtion, or maybe silica/mineral? Are you just looking for a way to break surface tension in your sprays?
  19. Dr. Detroit

    Super Silver Haze Heat/Light Burn?

    The haze is a more dominant sativa, so it requires far less nutrients than your other varieties. It's important to group similar-to-take-care-of plants together if you plan on feeding them together.
  20. Dr. Detroit

    Help! Wierd Spots - Manganese?

    pH imbalance, by the color. What do you pH your water to?
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