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  1. stonestacker

    Troubles w/ Canna Coco!!!

    Try a 1 gallon pot and 2- 3 feeds with just coco. My .02 your pots are to big and you aren't getting a good wet dry cycle . Something with coco is you can rootbound a plant feed multiple times a day and have hydro like growth.
  2. stonestacker

    Dehumidifiers for small scale growers

    I have no complaints set-it-and-forget-it replace the filter every 10 weeks. I've had that five years now running 24/7 365 never a problem. I think it's the 150 is a little more efficient but did not put out as many pints per day. There's new manufacturers out there now that other people swear...
  3. stonestacker

    Dehumidifiers for small scale growers

    The Quest 155 I run in a 11' x 24' cost me almost 2K. Worth every penny... Best of luck.
  4. stonestacker

    Dehumidifiers for small scale growers

    Then don't buy 1 and run the risk of loosing your crop. Not my loss. Go ahead and save a bill or2.
  5. stonestacker

    Dehumidifiers for small scale growers

    The most efficient 70-pint you can find. Should do just fine. You get what you pay for. Don't go cheap. I never buy cheap tools...
  6. stonestacker

    Consider Cogos

    LOL. I use epsom salt everyday. You go ahead and play in your dirt I'll stick to my hydro.
  7. stonestacker

    Consider Cogos

    Post it up. I would like to compare it to what I use.
  8. stonestacker

    Clawing tops: please help

    Yes you can overwater Coco. When I up pot I run 100% cocoa and I hand water until the plant has a wet dry cycle daily. Then I put on the auto feed. And feed three times a day. Do you start watering three times a day before your root ball can handle it you will over water your cocoa. You need a...
  9. stonestacker

    MC`s Forest Adventure

    Happy Thanksgiving Mark.
  10. stonestacker

    To @oldskol4evr From the fellow growers of the farm

    Wishing you a speedy recovery brother.
  11. stonestacker

    The Happy Company's Ground Up Commercial Grow

    And then it rained for forty days...
  12. stonestacker

    Effective DYI powdery mildew treatments

    Try to get your day and night time temperatures to fluctuate no more than 10 degrees. And try and get your dehumidification under control try and keep the spikes at night down. Green cure works but it's mostly baking soda
  13. stonestacker

    Ground up grow build

    I'm in. Looking good so far.
  14. stonestacker

    Mildew smell in tent

    Don't spray... More airflow through your tent. That musty smell usually comes with high humidity. Are you running the D Huey at night?
  15. stonestacker

    A lil help farmers please!😥

    settle down stop freaking out. They look like they're ready to up pot. put them into whatever pot you were going to use next. More Coco get yourself a pH meter and start feeding at 6.0. I let my feed pH Drift from 5.8 -6.2 100% coco. They show signs of being either very hungry or the pH is off...
  16. stonestacker

    New Grower: Help!! Seedlings falling over

    it's time to put them in pots. You can bury the stems deeper they will root. keep a fan blowing on them lightly. Or give them a little twist daily. Best of luck
  17. stonestacker

    Michigan... Strains, pics, and whatever!

    Looking good. My veg food is around 850 - 900 on the 500 scale. So yah your food was a little week imo.
  18. stonestacker

    a/c and exhaust

    It's nice to be able to evacuate the room air if you are running co2. Or even 1 or twice during light out.
  19. stonestacker

    gavita controller

    Now I understand the question. But sorry I don't have an answer. Other than give it a try. Then buy the second controller if you have to
  20. stonestacker

    gavita controller

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