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    Green Dot Labs Loompa Farms Grows

    Do you spray it frozen?
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    Loompa Farms March Drop

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    Green Dot Labs Loompa Farms Grows

    Lol right, supply demand I get it, I'll tell you what those squares are worth it and are dank dank. I just hope these yetis can keep up ;)
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    Green Dot Labs Loompa Farms Grows

    At 200 a pack tho? I picked both my og2 packs on CC for that much .. Crazy..
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    The Oompa Loompas have landed

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    The lab of jaws!!

    Awesome :) so how do you like the fruity pebbles cut? And what happened to the banana og? I remember having that laffy taffy banana bud and would love to have it in the stable
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    The lab of jaws!!

    Those cargo crosses almost ready?! Im dyin over here! And those lime kush sound bomb too.
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    Loompa's headband

    Dank dank dank!
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    Sour Willy and Huckleberry Jam Test

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    Canna Question?

    I like canna coco. Its says its resuable too
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    Plants appear overwatered?

    Man I hope you get it sorted out.. I had a problem b4 and used half r/o water half tap
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    Flamethrower Og Kush( White Fire x Fire Alien!)

    Was it some kill?
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    Fruity Pebble OG, Blueberry Underdog, Alien Dawg flowering...

    Freaking awesome man
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    Tahoe og, chem og, ko kush

    Og chem is pretty good I found nice plants in a pack
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    Evolution Seeds - aliendog F3's

    Definitely awesome work. Im hoping ill be around for the next drop
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    Hello Hello

    Welcome slug! Hope you have a great time here
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    ODBs Test Grow...

    Alright its official. I'm jealous :joint: you killed it with those whites what kinda smell they throwing out?
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    600w hps cabinet grow w/pics!

    Thanks bro
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    White x Chem D x SFV OG

    Wonder how these smoked
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    Pictures can't say enough

    Yeah man looking very dank. What kind of light did you use to flower those out? Congrats again on your find :)
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