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  1. QleanerQuest

    michigan purps story

    VERY nice pheno greengenes!!!!
  2. QleanerQuest

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    God that is one hell of an arsenal Waayne!!! Whoa!!!
  3. QleanerQuest

    Michigan... Strains, pics, and whatever!

    Sed Seed Junky Crew all day baby! Miss my homies around here posting that DANK they handle like a Boss! I'm glad they r pushin dank! Good shit ya'll. SJC for life Quest
  4. QleanerQuest


    Ahhh Fedor!!! Wow I don't know how I forgot him!! He RAN Pride fighting! Wasn't he undefeated until like 35 wins??? I know it was pretty awesome! JJ is a beast man, I am a big fan of his too, I ordered that fight with DC. Great takedown defense by Jones for sure! Gotta give him mad props for...
  5. QleanerQuest


    Favorite fighters of all time???!!! 1. Anderson Silva 2. George St. Pierre 3. Vitor Belfort
  6. QleanerQuest

    Quest Genetics! 2015. Lemme see what I can build in 9 months....

    Quest Genetics! 2015. Lemme see what I can build in 9 months....
  7. QleanerQuest

    Ak-47 By Serious Seeds Grow Journal

    Damn thats too bad you didn't keep cuts bud. I do that too sometimes. Out of 24 years you'd think I'd know by know, lol. But I usually cut off the production material. The solid chunky buds. I will leave for or 5 branches and I will leave the buds alone, except for tearing off the pistols. Seems...
  8. QleanerQuest

    Dpd Phenos Unite!

    Ahhh! ZEKE that's fuckin great! Quest
  9. QleanerQuest

    Dpd Phenos Unite!

    Absolutely brother. I cant post pics from my phone, but I could text you pics I've collected of her over the years. Many pheno's! Even @rawman's cut also!!
  10. QleanerQuest

    Dpd Phenos Unite!

    Nice cut, nice cut. I've had an anise smelling pheno and one grape. I chose the grape. Buds were more dense, I dont like black licorice, so the grape was the best choice. Especially since it yielded like crazy. I have pics of a few phenos I'd like to post from over the years. I'll be posting mad...
  11. QleanerQuest

    The best purple?

    Now I can make some!
  12. QleanerQuest

    Quest for the Best

    Just to display some of the test grows of the Triple Purple Doja I am replying to Haggardass's post that he posted. Pushing it a bit, I see it chicken clawing from over fert. But nice chunky buds. Super grapey!! To clarify Triple Purple Doja is MY Dpd f6 male x Jaws' Black Cherry Dojo. Jaws...
  13. QleanerQuest

    Original Bubba

    I love all the different stories you hear about the infamous Bubba Kush. The cuts and which was first, which is an s1. And I goes on from there. I've had my Pre98 and just grabbed another Katsu from production since it yields more than Pre98. I'd love to checkout the 94' cut and others. I'm...
  14. QleanerQuest

    Quest Genetics Seed Drop Premiere!!

    Quest Genetics Seed Drop Premiere!!
  15. QleanerQuest

    Feelin lucky today!

    Feelin lucky today!
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