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    How Do You Handle Investors In A Warehouse Grow?

    @Seamaiden if it gets rescheduled to schedule 2 it's gonna be the Wild West and I for one can't wait to be a cowboy.... National business, airplanes and shit, money falling out the 1%'s pockets to get on this... Good luck farmers 2dog
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    Gavita Vs Solis Tek For 8 Foot Ceilings

    Yeah @We Solidarity im always going around spouting hearsay lol... im in the building industry I see more rooms and results than just my own. It happens.. I got 1per in my shitty little lec room wanna come help me weigh it up? 2dog
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    Gavita Vs Solis Tek For 8 Foot Ceilings

    4.4 amps is a 1k gavita at 240.... Watts/VoLTs=amps And current trends are at 3plus per fixture for a 1k de bulb fixture
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    Help Me Pick My Lighting Please.

    @Smokey503ski What's up bro... I run both lecs and the 750s... This is my first run w the 750s but I'm thru stretch and they are absolutely smashing it prolly about 7' 4" ceilings.... Canopy is at maybe 24 to 30" away.... The lecs are in my test room.. They definitely work but I don't I'm not...
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    Jan Photo Of The Month

    Alien Orange gum (gummo x alien) pheno 7 - Franchise Genetics - 2dogwalker hunted
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    December Photo Of The Month

    Alien orange gum - Franchise Genetics this is the only girl I found like this very stocky super indica structure grape scents
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    Grow Room A/C

    Cover the outside w a rigid foam cover and make sure to take it off if it gets over 30-35
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    Divine Genetics Lab Testing Results

    A little drier made this sample test even higher @Skunkmasterflex crushed it when he found this pheno... I'm just thankful to be able to grow it out....Crushed this batch 31.1% bam almost 30 on the thc9 #2doggrownandapproved #2dogwalker
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    October Photo Of The Month

    Divine Genetics - ChemD x GSC #gmo #skunkselection
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    who is using CMH in a larger room or....

    i still want to convert my flower room to all cmh, gonna give some alien orange gums a test under two of the sun system vertical bulb cmhs and see what I can get yield wise per/315 hoping for at least a gramperwatt. Anyone got some flower rooms with these in them I can come visit. Trying to get...
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    Loran gear

    Wishing the best to your family and fur family brother.... Heres to some good luck and California getting some of this rain we don't need anymore in michigan ! Respect 2dogwalker
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    Michigan... Strains, pics, and whatever!

    @ohthatguy8 Get at me if you have any issues, we got lots of experience dealing w the crooks at the mortgage and title companies... Dot your Is and cross your Ts you'll do good. Not building it? I'm starting the design process for my next home #framingparty #roofingparty #sidingparty lol
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    Hammerhead Seeds Is Shutdown

    @hammerhead Hope all is well bro, can't say I blame you on your decision... Life values are few and far between in this business.... Much respect hope your health is good bro, 2dogwalker
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    Anyone Tried The New Ceramic Lights?

    Anyone run the sunsystem commercial setups yet with the greenhouse style fixture and built in unistrut brackets??? Thinking about swapping 10 of them for 6 (600s)...anyone know where I can get a good deal on 10 in the mitten? My veg room has never enjoyed a spectrum more. And my plants that...
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    May Potm

    Sfv early flower under hps & LEDs 2dogwalker
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    Nanolux 600 De

    Any pictures? Any available in michigan that anyone knows of.. I'd like to see one 2dog
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    About To Go The Fuck Off On My Boss

    Hahah I hope my employees don't end up in here. I've had some pretty decent bosses in my life I guess. Being a leader is difficult while trying to grow a company. Id would love to be out there making sure nothing goes wrong but sometimes you have to let your crew get it done so you can go get...
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    veg+bloom, 1 part powder in socal tap

    I j
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    Video Shows Police Beating Man During Traffic Stop>>>> Inkster Pigs

    Just remember Detroit it's about to get warm again...hate to say it but my pessimistic ass don't have high hopes for this summer.... Cops are going to be in for a rough summer across the country if they don't change tactics, and that's most likely not going to happen overnight... Stay North...
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    Dc Seed Share March 26

    This is awesome I need to read the law. Congratulations this is a fabulous idea and event I hope it goes wonderfully... Best of luck wish I lived in DC (first time I've ever thought that) so I could be a part! Kindest 2dog
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