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  1. ConceptOfSleep

    My Re-Introduction

    Hi there fellow Farmers... Wanted to Reintroduce myself around these boards. I was here when the Farm first started up. Unfortunately I found myself in a bit of legal trouble and had some security issues, so for the past few years I was forced to shut down. Fortunately that is all behind...
  2. ConceptOfSleep

    Homebox S vs. Darkroom DR80?

    Hey guys. I recently had to move and am now having a hard time finding a place for my old trusty homebuild cab to fit in my new digs... So ive been searching around the net for all the info on Grow Tents that I could find. They seem great: simple, lightweight, easy to build/take down, and...
  3. ConceptOfSleep

    Problem with Milwaukee pH600 Meter. Help Needed!

    Hey there Farmers... Im having a bit of a problem with my pH pen, and I was hoping maybe someone would have some tips or advice for me... My meter wasn't the most expensive, but is relatively new...I just purchased it this summer. Anyway the damn thing doesn't seem to be doing much of...
  4. ConceptOfSleep

    Unrooted Clones, under 24hr Light Flowering?!?!

    I posted this in my grow diary thread, but figured more people might see it here and be able to give me some input or advice.... Well, I went to transfer my clones from my DIY WalMart cloner (im sure you have all seen it on IC, the little Ice cube tray thing for water bottles). As I was...
  5. ConceptOfSleep

    What are you listening to right now?

    Well, I wanted to bring one of my favorite threads from OG and IC over here to the Farm... I love hearing from everyone about what kind of music they are listening to lately... I've found its not only a great way to find some new awesome music, but also a great way to find some fellow Farmers...
  6. ConceptOfSleep

    Hey guys!

    JUst figured I'd introduce myself.... Lovin the positive energy here. Seems to be a place thats all about the growin, and none of the drama Sign me up... :p Im in the process of getting a new flower cab ready for some runs in this rediculous summer heat... Hope to have some pics going soon!