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  1. SmokesalotofVT

    Hey All ..just Wanna Drop A Little Cheer..

    MERRY CHRISTMAS THCfarmer gang~!!
  2. SmokesalotofVT

    Thought This Was Interesting :-)
  3. SmokesalotofVT

    Let Harvest Begin 2018!!

    Lemon Og Kush .. :-)
  4. SmokesalotofVT

    Mass & Vt

    Recreational Weed is Legal today..finally Moving Forward, Grow strong !! :-) Happy free the weed day.. :-) #lovetheweed #bouttime
  5. SmokesalotofVT

    Greening Up Vt 2018

    Hello Farmers another season..ones in Blue buckets are Auto's GG# 4 & BBXWHite widow the others the Biggest one is a friends Accidental strain Unknown Pineapple Exp X(Lemon Larry og x Nebula) we call it U-Haul Express.. long story! and the other 2 are Lemon og Fems .. :)
  6. SmokesalotofVT

    Hey All .. Its Been A Minute :-) Question??

    Ok so I pose a Question ,When in San Diego What Dispencary should I visit???,, Only gonna be there for like a day.. but Will be my 1st experience walking into a store that sells weed.. :) so thats cool .. Our State kinda woke up its gonna be legal to grow two plants ,and have 4 under maturity...
  7. SmokesalotofVT

    Found This Little Tidbit ~!! Can You Can Single Serve~!! Lol
  8. SmokesalotofVT

    The One That Did'nt Get Away(rippers Suck)

    Cheesey chunk.. harvested last night
  9. SmokesalotofVT

    Nfl Sunday...

    damn!! It was gonna be a great day... Opening sunday in the NFL... Patriots play tonight.. wake up and find 3 of my 4 plants ripped off... ruined it .. UGH.. Go Patriots..
  10. SmokesalotofVT


    hey hey,thought i'd show off some of my Jars,,lol Empty right now ..
  11. SmokesalotofVT

    25 Years Ago Today... We Lost Srv

    indeed the sky was Crying
  12. SmokesalotofVT

    Concert Photo's !

    Warren Haynes w/ Railroad Earth~!! What a great Night ~!!
  13. SmokesalotofVT

    C'mon Show Your Pretty Buds In The Sun. For Fun

    bout to catch the last rays of sun and a Good Buzz~!!Strain not known~! my old school bowl :)
  14. SmokesalotofVT

    Microbes Teaming!~!

    i came across this on another site.. not sure if its been posted up here but i thought it was Quite interesting... A bit of a long read(i am not much for reading) but this might be beneficial ..Knowledge :-)...
  15. SmokesalotofVT

    Candy Striped Leafhoppers??

    anyone know if these, Actually pretty bugs, will hurt Cannabis?? found some today tried to take a Pic but the Crappy Digital camera could not focus on them ... couldnt find any info about it..
  16. SmokesalotofVT

    4th Of July ~ :-)

    should say 4th of July ..LOL stoner <---
  17. SmokesalotofVT

    Whats On Your Grill Today/night!!

    Pork tender Loin, Smeared with mustard ,garlic powder,black pepper a touch of Pure VT Maple syrup,and a touch of lemon juice ..peppers & onions An old Gas grill Turned Charcoal (-: alomost forgot Some mesquite wood chips saoked in Vinegar and Water,,,