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  1. R

    Hi, anyone knows where I can find micronized Greensand? I want it to react a bit faster with the...

    Hi, anyone knows where I can find micronized Greensand? I want it to react a bit faster with the soil.
  2. Thoughts on tea

    ...Fish Meal, Non Gmo Soybean Meal, Chicken Manure, Langbeinite, EarthWorm Castings, Volcanic Rock Dust, Non Gmo Alfalfa Meal, Crab Meal, Greensand, Volcanic Ash, Dolomite, Blood Meal, Fish Bone Meal and Nettle Leaf It’s a 3 stage bag, I can really do quite a big veggie/canna garden and not...
  3. BigCube

    Trying to find a good medium I can feed/water every 2 days...(5 gal pot)

    I use the promix hpcc with mycorrhizae. It's awesome stuff. No need to mix daily. I would mix a 5 gal bucket once a week or so. Watered every 2 days in veg, once a day in flower.
  4. B

    Dark Purple Disease Affecting New Growth?

    ...only common factor is proximity to previously affected plants and the use of 4-4-4 All Purpose dry soil amendment by Gaia Green WHich includes: Alfalfa meal, bone meal, blood meal, glacial rock dust, mined potassium sulphate, fossilized carbon complex, rock phosphate, greensand, kelp meal...
  5. N

    Advice On A Good Potting Mix

    Thanks for the reply! When you say peat do you mean peat moss? I've been told to keep away from it due to being very acidic. Doesn't coco serve the same purpose? Also isn't 15% perlite a bit little? Everywhere I've read says 20%+
  6. L0ki907

    Blue Dream, Organic Soil, Bestva 1500 Led

    ...of EWC, Malibu compost & biochar. For the nutrient mix, I used all Down to Earth components. Alfalfa meal Kelp meal Neem meal Crab meal Greensand Azomite Bio-fish Bio-live Oyster shell Once all the components were combined, I moistened it to slightly-damp sponge consistency with a bit...
  7. OrganicLit

    Post your Organic Soil Mix

    How do you like ocean forest? I have a few bags I'm thinking of mixing up.
  8. Maingrow85

    Deficiency Or Burn?

    ...I added a inch ish topdress of completely finished super soil once (not much Imo) and a top dressed a couple weeks later of sea bird, kelp, greensand, azomite mix (only qtr cup ish each and one foiler spray of kelp a week ago. I had light burn to hell when I moved them in I wasn't used to...
  9. brazel

    Is Sea Green Worth 325$ A Gallon?

    Of course it is, the plants get better as my SFW builds up. eventually I topdress but the amount of amendments I use gets less and less I'd never use blood meal, feather meal, bat guano, greensand, bone meal...
  10. oldskol4evr

    Blue Dream, Organic Soil, Bestva 1500 Led

    got to be careful with the neem cake,it will kill nemotodes,mix sounds pretty good,did the pro mix have lime in it also ,just curiouse,you all good there anyway ,im not seeing you add bone meal,bone meal and lime clash together,so one or other. im feeling for you,i been at it all day mixing up...
  11. Smoking Gun

    The New Project

    ...coco in my mix last time I left it out this potting, so my mix this time was Happy Frog, compost blend, perlite and clay pebbles with some greensand and crustacean meal. All but the Gunslinger #2-C are in this mix, GS #2-C is in a mix of the compost blend and perlite; this is what it was...
  12. brazel

    And The Best Soil For A Small Harvest Would Be?

    ...something you like, keep doing it. And I have no negativity towards you. I just wanna give a different point of view. Bat guano, greensand, soybean meal, perlite there's better options. In fact i only feel comfortable with the pumice on this list. I don't know anything about the other...
  13. S

    Post your Organic Soil Mix

    ...w dolimite lime 6cf 100 litres of chunky permits Black earth 4 cups Dolimite lime 2 cups Algamin 2 cups Azomite 3 "" "" Alfalfa 4 " " Greensand 3 cups Soft rock phosphate 1.5 cups Volcanic basalt rock 5 cups Bone meal 1.5 Cool for a 3 weeks. I use a big tarp. turn once a week. I use...
  14. G

    White Bumps And Leaf Curl W Rust Spots And Holes

    Gonna mix Diatomaceous Earth With my coco and layer some lava rocks and a fabric pot ontop of that then coco and greensand on top Pretty sure it's root aphids fucking it up
  15. Larry.G

    Custom Soil Blend Lab Results: Interpretation/opinions?

    ...Local Leaf Compost 1.0 part Local EWC 1.0 part FoxFarm Ocean Forest 1.0 part Pumice Added 1.5 cups/10 gal of 4-8-4 dry blend (fish bone/feather/kelp meal, rock phosphate, KMag, greensand, basalt, glacial dust) Note: There is NO dolomite lime added to this mix - yet. Here are the soil results:
  16. madscrapper

    Madscrapper's Dr.grinspoon Adventure;

    Switched from coco to a simple peat based mix.peat base,organic raised bed mix,greensand,dolimite and %30+ of perlite. Since switching,the yellow has been going away,growth has gotten much faster.not sure where I went wrong w the coco,but im sick of all the shit regarding coco
  17. tattoojim

    Soil Mixes W/soil Tests And Soil Science Discussion Thread

    Base used happy frog Ewc Kelp meal Alfalfa meal Guano. High N and P,depending on Azomite Greensand Lime Gypsum Soft rock phosphate Epson salt Caps nute pack Hydrotron Also throwing around a chicken shit recipe
  18. GrowingGreen

    Madscrapper's Dr.grinspoon Adventure;

    She looks healthy doggy!
  19. dilligaf

    Leaf Tip Curl

    I started two strains in organic recycled soil. My soil is one part used soil. One part worm casting. .one part perlite. .one tablespoon greensand per gallon. .no idea what ph might be..temps between 71-73..rh between 58-63. The vortex doesn't show the same problem as the black Forrest. .the...
  20. CallmeTex

    The Dope Shed.

    ...mix I buy from the store. I'll give you the list from the bag. -Alfalfa meal, cottonseed meal, bone meal, sulfate of potash, humate, greensand, rabbit manure, granite sand, poultry and dairy cow compost. I re-amend the soil at a rate of about 1-2 cups 10 gallons of soil. -I add 1 cup crushed...
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