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    How to make good quality bubble hash quickly and easily - a step by step guide

    Great thread, Blaze. I got one question for you....I was wondering if you've ever used dry ice to help the process along? I've tried it with dry ice before but I think I still like just using regular ice and cold water. When I tried the dry ice, I was adding chunks of it to the slurry and...
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    cable company shut down my internet for rf noise

    It's not the bulb, I can tell you that. If you want to be sure, grab a handheld am/fm radio, just a cheap one as it doesn't the radio around 5-10' from the ballast and turn it onto an "am" station, find a station that gets good reception. Now, turn on the ballast. Does it...
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    303 Grow

    BG back in the house with the 303! Good to see you back around and doing your thing, billy. Good luck on the grow.
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    give me a week

    Getting some more ink?
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    Happy new year and Seeds shipped

    "How do you keep a asshole in Suspense? I will let you know later." I'm sure Reef has an explanation. He always does.
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    AH X AS starting at week 4

    Updates??? I'm very curious as to how it finished.
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    Querkle Smoke Report I posted this same smoke report at another site yesterday. I added a few things, but it's basically the same report: Strain: Querkle. Breeder: TGA. Genetic Makeup: Space Queen x Urkle. Amount of Veg: from seed, approx 2 months. Amount of Flower: roughly 10...
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    Bazooka joe and SSH info please.

    Anybody got any info on the SSH that is being offered? I didn't see a description for them in thcbay.
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    mns seeds

    Hey Shiva, Have you been to his site to ask him? Shanti is a good dude and he answers questions pretty regularly over there. For the record, I've got some of his gear waiting in the wings and I'm gonna pop them all when I get ready to run them. The trick with Shanti's gear, at least from...
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    Space Bomb / Space Queen

    Yeah, after I had already posted, I thought about your original question and started to look for myself and got confused too. I might have to get a couple packs of each and try them out. I know I want some of that space bomb for sure, sounds like something I might like. That's a good...
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    Space Bomb / Space Queen

    Space Bomb (Romulan x C99) aka Tiny Surprise...sounds interesting. C99 is an excellent strain, very motivational smoke. Romulan is also a great strain in it's own right. Romulan was one of my favorite smokes back in 2003. I found this thread a couple pages back which may help...
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    TGA SnowDawg

    Those look great so far, pf. I'm using those same size smart pots. They're much more stable than people think they are and they help to aerate the root zone, which is a big plus in my book. If I could do it over again I would have gotten a mix of the #5's and the #7 sizes instead of just a...
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    This particular pheno wasn't as purple as the others, but it still looks like killer smoke. I got two purple phenos out of the three that made it to the end. Had a bit of bud mold near the tops of the one pictured below and another one not pictured, but no big deal. I'll post some...
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    highland mex. x blueberry

    Thank you, Chimera! I got one of the last packs available from the 'Boot and they just arrived today! I can't wait to grow these out, man! Wish me luck!
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    Death to all but metal |..|

    Sounds like Twisted Sister with swear words.
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    Nice, ITA. So much great advice/info. You guys are erasing any doubts that I had. Harvest pics to come soon!
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    Thank you, Sub. Really helps when the guy who grew the seeds is kind enough to answer a question. Thanks again. ---Hemphrey
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    Thanks for the info, buffalo. Good to hear that.
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    Hey Subcool, got a question that I should pm you, but I figure everyone should hear your answer... What happened to the smell? It up and disappeared on me. Don't get me wrong, the bud looks great, but the smell I had around week 5 is completely gone now. There is more purple on these...
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    Thanks for that post, ITA. I've read that 70 days is too long, but now I'm gonna just let them go and keep flushing them. Thanks for the info.
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