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  1. toxichippie


    great pics D!
  2. toxichippie

    Rival's Funk Lab

    good luck with the bugs homie! they can be a bitch to get rid of.
  3. toxichippie

    The lab of jaws!!

    everything looks nice and lush jaws........and sugar coated too:)
  4. toxichippie

    Classic Remix flirtin with a room full of ladies

    nice lineup CR!
  5. toxichippie

    Grips of Strains.....fwiw.

    absolutely stellar pics DWD! straight killin it homie!!!
  6. toxichippie

    "Black Hawk Down" Exotic Genetics: Test Grow/Journal

    awesome room KL! everything looks great!!
  7. toxichippie

    Rival's Funk Lab

    i had a few fungus gnats in my greenfields. they got taken are of quick
  8. toxichippie

    Power of the Dark Side

  9. toxichippie

    Bubba Kush. Katsu and Pre98???

    awesome score Q! pre-98 is a top 3 in my book.
  10. toxichippie

    Does anyone else run their veg lights 24/7

    when i see purple striping on the stems of my OGK's and chems its a P def.
  11. toxichippie

    Girl Scout Cookies & Friends

    ill second that!
  12. toxichippie

    Yeti OG vs Goji OG

    everything looks great DD! hand watering can be a pain. i have a watering wand, hose and pump that makes life a helluva lot easier.
  13. toxichippie

    loompas OG squared

    thanks for the compliments slaus! i trimmed everything myself outta the 12 phenos i found no nuts or seeds. i kept 3 phenos to run again...could have kept 6 but for space reasons i only kept 3. the #16 is the shining star of the 12. all of the phenos were grade a nuggets...but the #16 was...
  14. toxichippie


    cha ching!!!
  15. toxichippie

    massachusetts unite

    woooo hooo!!!
  16. toxichippie

    Girl Scout Cookies & Friends

    did anyone else get any samples;) JK..great score MG:)
  17. toxichippie

    Lead's Grow Diary

    everything is lookin delicious!!
  18. toxichippie

    loompas OG squared

    heres a few recent harvest shots of my OG squared run. these were grown in RO greenfields soil with guano teas, raw sweet, extreme serene and cal mag.
  19. toxichippie

    Poorly Describe A Movie So That We May Guess... than pass it on

    3 men and a baby??
  20. toxichippie

    reserva privada and ogr.......

    good luck with those KU!
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