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  1. NautilusNews

    What is everyone's favorite strain and why

    Pretty much my first thoughts going into this forum. Same year and all. No joke. But today, I've lost my tolerance. I used to hold my own with the best of em but now only really take a small toke now and then. I don't do the Glue's or Cookies thing. Those strains aren't for me. That being said...
  2. NautilusNews

    Optic 8+ UV/IR or Optic Slim 600h? Go...

    Alright guys, I've been thinking long and hard about my next light. I've got a Kind xl750 and used it in a 4x4 over 3 plants in 5 gal equivalent Superroots Air pots. My Quality was pretty good for a first time indoor. Btw, used a super soil found in the book, "True Living Organics", mixed with...
  3. NautilusNews

    Should i train my outdoor plants?

    That's some healthy manifolding. Well done.
  4. NautilusNews

    Should i train my outdoor plants?

    If you look at my last pic you'll see I had some scraggly twig branches at bottom even though the sun penetrated. (Which by the way is not 93 million miles away but rather small, local and revolving around the Earth. But I digress.).. You got 1.5 lbs off one plant. I was set for 1lb* off 2...
  5. NautilusNews

    Should i train my outdoor plants?

    You'll also want to grab some long, like 3-4 ft long, thin metal rod stakes to put in ground with hook tops to tie down to. Some hemp string to tie with. Bamboo to support and keep branches apart from other branches the best you can for more light to get in etc. And too, I found some things at...
  6. NautilusNews

    Should i train my outdoor plants?

    Top a few times in veg. I had a height restriction so aside from topping I tied the whole plant to lean. And this I believe payed off later. Wanted it as short and bushy as possible. When I planted I put what I could of that thick stalk in the ground and planted at about a 45° angle which really...
  7. NautilusNews

    Should i train my outdoor plants?

    Trained Northern Lights and Super Lemon Haze. Had to get rid of SLH. Was too loud. NL on left I'd say was about 8+oz. SLH was right there with it. I would train. But I've never not trained soo.. Set Sail to NautilusNews*
  8. NautilusNews

    2020 Holy Grail Kush, Bubblegum, Fire99, Grape MOB, Giant Skittlez, Godberry, Passionfruit Punch, S.A.D., Green Poision, Quick Dinamed CBD Outdoor

    Saw your thread. I'm a new member here. Knew right away where you got your seeds. I have much the same. My main interest was Holy Grail and Northern Lights for my last shipment. Had a HGK in the past and was doing well until my cat found the planter, and cut it while scratching around in the...
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